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Elon Musk deals huge blow to Keith Alberman, permanently suspends him on Twitter


Elon Musk deals huge blow to Keith Alberman

permanently suspends him on Twitter

Twitter CEO Elon Musk put the law on

Twitter today following a stalker's threat to his son.

Musk went all out to Michael Corleone and settled all family business by permanently suspending some prominent mainstream media reporters from Twitter.

The novels of The New York Times' Ryan Mac

CNN's Donny O'Sullivan, Washington Post's Drew Harwell

  • Mashable's Matt Pinder
  • The Intercept's Micah Lee
  • VOA's Steve Herman
  • and independent journalists Aaron Robar
  • Keith Alberman and Tony ster were
  • all suspended as of Thursday evening.

Musk said

My criticism all day is absolutely fine

but surveying my location in real time and putting my family at risk is not.

A New York Times spokesperson said:

We hope that all journalists' accounts will be restored and Twitter will provide a satisfactory explanation for this action.

A CNN spokesperson said:

  • Twitter's increasing instability
  • and volatility should be a top priority for
  • everyone who uses Twitter.

We have asked Twitter for clarification

and we will reassess our relationship based on this response.

Elon Musk has suspended the Twitter accounts of CNN

NYT and Washington Post reporters

Elon Musk suspended Twitter accounts for multiple major media correspondents today. Talk about turning the table.

One Twitter user said:


  • Twitter suspended the account of
  • prominent liberal journalist Aaron Robar as well as
  • correspondents for the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN.

The Texas Observer said:

Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, who has previously tweeted about the ban on ElonJet and Mastodon

is now apparently suspended from Twitter?

Twitter user said:

  • CNN Donie O'Sullivan (donie) has been suspended for.
  • Her question to the L.A.
  • unit about the presumed "chase attack incident" on
  • elonmusk and the reporting of a lack of a police report.

Well done

motherfucker with a wacky water class. Suck shit out of my ass.

Peter Kafka said:

The New York Times technical reporter Ryan Mac's Twitter account has been suspended.

NBC reporter Ben Collins said:

On Twitter tonight

journalists who covered Elon Musk were suspended:

Donie O'Sullivan of CNN

Aaron Rupar and drewharwell of the Washington Post.

"Rupar told me he had no idea why this happened."