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Elon Musk asks Hillary Clinton's lawyer to try to spoil the presidential election


Elon Musk asks Hillary Clinton's lawyer to

make adjustments to attempt to spoil presidential election

Twitter CEO Elon Musk dropped the gavel on Hillary Clinton's campaign law firm accusing Perkins-Coy of trying to spoil a presidential election.

The spread of the Russia crisis was largely coordinated by Perkins Coie.

hoax from Fusion GPS to the state of national security.

Director Amanda Milius said:

There's a lot of full transparency just bringing Russiagate back from getting rid of Baker but it's a big step.

Watch the videos and you'll understand why they're not posted by Kash on Twitter. If Perkins Coie is the external consultant of elonmusk on Twitter, that's not far enough. "

Musk said:

  • no company shall use it until it compensates for
  • Sussman's attempt to corrupt the presidential election .

According to Breitbart:

Sussman, who was also at Perkins Coy, gave FBI data purportedly showing a link between Trump and Russia via Alpha Bank. the link was wrong .

According to CNBC:

  • In closing arguments on Friday, Assistant U.S.
  • Attorney Jonathan Algor told the jury that Sussman
  • used his privilege as a high-ranking lawyer in Washington
  • a former attorney general at the Justice Department
  • likewise, as a buddy to elude traditional channels

and expedite a meeting with the FBI [now] the general counsel, "James Baker.

Sussman, a cybersecurity lawyer :

provided Baker with ambiguous Internet data indicating a potential channel of communication between the computer servers associated with the Trump Organization and Alpha Bank, Russia's largest commercial financial institution.

the FBI later determined that Sussman's concerns were unfounded .

Of the Law.com:

Marc Elias

  1. a prominent Democratic lawyer
  2. stood on Wednesday in the trial of his former
  3. partner at the law firm Michael Sussman.

Elias was questioned about this work with the Clinton campaign in 2016 and contracted with Fusion GPS.

Elias revealed that he did not consider Sussman's 2016 meeting with the FBI positive for the Clinton campaign.

Influential Democratic lawyer Mark Elias detailed

Perkins Coy's work on behalf of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign when he took the stand Wednesday in the case against former law firm colleague Michael Sussman.

Elias testified about Perkins Coy's billing practices and arrangement of fixed fees with the Clinton campaign as part of prosecution efforts to link Sussman's work promoting alleged ties between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia to the Clinton campaign.

But if Hilary Clinton :

  • decides to run for president
  • there will be a lot of challenges for candidate Trump
  • presidential candidate Biden and candidate Ron.