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Elon Musk is warning Nancy and McConnell that working on a spending bill will not be in the best interests of the people


Elon Musk cautions Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi:

Work on a giant spending bill that almost nobody

is unlikely to be in the interests of the people.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk warned speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the swamp off the railway with a huge spending bill that no one had read because it ran counter to the interests of the American people. But they got their allowance.

Musk said:

  • I support a small spending bill to keep things going
  • but common sense suggests that this is
  • the lowest amount required during the holidays.

Bypassing a giant spending bill that almost nobody

has read is unlikely to be in people's interest.

Whether with or against

please let elected representatives know what you think of the $1.7 trillion spending bill they're trying to pass!

 Musk also surveyed his Twitter followers about spending boondoggle.

He asked:

Should the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill be approved by Congress?

The results so far are:

Yes: 27.8%. No: 72.2%. Out of 2,516,708 votes.

  1. Musk has confirmed that
  2. His position as CEO of Twitter will be vacant.
  3. when he finds a replacement.

I will resign as CEO once I find someone stupid enough to take the job!

I'll then only be in charge of the server and software teams.

According to CNN:

  1. Senate leaders unveiled a $1.7 trillion
  2. federal government funding
  3. bill early Tuesday morning.

Legislation includes $772.5 billion

for non-defense discretionary programs

and $858 billion for defense funding, according to a bill summary from Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The comprehensive package

includes nearly $45 billion in emergency

assistance to Ukraine and NATO

  • allies and increased expenditure on disaster assistance
  • and access to universities children's welfare
  • mental health and food assistance

  • and more support for the army and veterans

Additional funds for the U.S. Capitol Police, according to Leahy's summary and one of Sen. Republican senator from Alabama and chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Richard Shelby

However :

  • the bill, which has over 4,000 pages.
  • has overlooked many of the actions that
  • some legislators have struggled to include.

The expansion of children's tax credit, in addition to multiple tax breaks for corporations and individuals, has not been included in the final bill.

No law has been passed to allow

cannabis companies their cash reserves

  • or a bill to help Afghans evacuated in the United States
  • obtain legal permanent residence.

Also, there was no final decision on the location of the new FBI headquarters.