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Trump pursues threat, defamation lawsuit against Pulitzer Prize Board members


Trump pursues threat

defamation lawsuit against Pulitzer Prize Board members

Former President Donald Trump followed up on a previous threat and filed a defamation lawsuit against members of the Pulitzer Prize Board for the 2018 National Reporting Awards awarded to The New York Times and The Washington Post to cover BS 'ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

While the elements of both the Times

  • and the Post were almost certainly complicit in the ploy of
  • collusion with Russia, it is ultimately irrelevant whether
  • the authors of the articles given understood at a time when
  • they were spreading political misinformation made by sources

motivated by misleading the public

and discrediting President Trump and his political prospects.

What matters instead is the defendants' behaviour

particularly when several key assertions and the triggers of the Russian collusion hoax were uncovered that permeated articles awarded through the Mueller report and false congressional investigations after the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in national reports were awarded.

Pulitzer's statement was intentionally published by defendants to create a misconception in the reader's mind that "the Trump campaign, the president-elect's transition team and his final administration" were linked to attempts by Russia to sway the 2016 presidential election.

The defendants did so with actual malice

and intent to damage President Trump and his reputation.

In both cases, the defendants published Pulitzer's statement with real malice.

The plaintiff was harmed by the publication of

the Pulitzer manifesto because it

aims to make the wrong impression to the reader that President Trump colluded with a foreign government hostile to undermining US presidential elections, as well as to fuel the feelings of hatred, mistrust and frustration of the reader towards the plaintiff."

Earlier this year

the Pulitzer Prize Board defended the 2018 prize:

The Pulitzer Prize Board has a well-established formal process by which complaints against winning entries are carefully reviewed.

In the past three years

  • the Pulitzer Board has received inquiries
  • about reports from The New York Times

and The Washington Post

  • about Russian interference in the US election
  • joint applications that won the 2018 National Reports Award.

These inquiries prompted

  • the Pulitzer Board to commission two independent
  • reviews of the work submitted
  • by these organizations to our National Reports Competition.

Both audits were conducted by individuals who had no connection with the institutions whose work was being examined, nor with each other.

Separate reviews have converged in their conclusions:

there are no paragraphs


claims or assurances in any of the winning presentations that have been discredited because of the facts that emerged after the awards were awarded.