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American Media: Biden's Political Life and Reputation Is Coming to an End


American Media:

Biden's Political Life and Reputation Is Coming to an End

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson reports that the incident of classified documents found in the garage of the US president, Joe Biden, brings his life and political reputation to a close.

Carlson added :

  • The incident of classified documents is a clear start to
  • the end of Joe Biden, although we cannot prove it
  • the future is unknown and it looks like it won't be bright.

According to him, Biden's aides are still finding stacks of documents in various places, sending them to the U.S. Department of Justice, rather than destroying them.

Carlson concluded that this incident was not a good sign for Biden.


he found a collection of classified documents at US President Joe Biden's Washington think tank, and last Thursday found another collection of classified documents at Biden's home in Wilmington.

For its part

the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating how secret documents dating back to the time Biden was vice president of U.S. President Barack Obama arrived at Biden's home.

Biden declared his "full cooperation"

  • with the judiciary in the dossier of classified documents
  • an embarrassment for the White House as U.S.
  • authorities investigate a much larger scandal linked to
  • former President Donald Trump's misuse of classified state documents.

Democrats embarrassed by

White House handling of confidential Biden documents

Congressional Democrats have expressed frustration with the White House's handling of the ongoing controversy over classified documents found in one of President Joe Biden's offices and in the garage of his Delaware home.

Democratic Representative John Garamendi said it was "embarrassing."

Regarding the American people's perception that

the Justice Department was addressing the issue surrounding Biden's possession of classified documents differently from former President Donald Trump

Garamendi said that all documents and the case are before

the Special Counsel

and investigations will be conducted into

these confidential documents that have been found."

Asked about Biden calling Trump "irresponsible"

for keeping secret documents at his Mar-a-Lago home and resort, retired Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow said it was "definitely embarrassing."

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff stressed that he supports special advisers' investigations, as well as congressional investigations to determine whether national security has been compromised


I still want Congress to conduct its own evaluation.

and I receive an assessment from the intelligence community as to whether there is exposure to these documents to others, and whether there is harm to national security, in the case of either group of documents with either president."