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Former Pentagon adviser confirms possibility of ending Ukraine conflict with one phone call


Former Pentagon adviser confirms possibility of

ending Ukraine conflict with one phone call

Douglas McGregor

  • a former Pentagon adviser, confirmed that Washington could end
  • the conflict in Ukraine with one phone call through
  • which Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky complied with what was required.

McGregor said that in a broadcast on the Judging Freedom

channel on "YouTube"

He believed that if US President Joe Biden and those who run him decided to end it, they would pick up the phone and do so immediately. Here, Zelenskiy must comply. "

He added :

I disagree with the view that Zelensky can act alone.

  • We have spent $50 billion to help Ukraine, up to more than $100 billion.
  • We pay for the work of their government, so they are not independent. 

He added :

Therefore :

we can stop it at any time. The problem, however,

is that there is no indication of anyone's willingness to do so. 

Two days ago

the U.S. Department of Defense revealed details of a new $2.5 billion military aid package for Ukraine

including 59 Bradley and 90 Stryker combat vehicles.

The Pentagon said in a statement that the aid package had been approved to "meet Ukraine's vital security and defence needs."

Write about ending the Ukrainian-Russian conflict

Ending the Ukrainian-Russian conflict will require considerable effort on both sides

as well as the international community's support.

The conflict is rooted in a long-standing dispute between Ukraine and Russia over issues such as land, politics and culture.

A possible solution to the conflict is for both sides to enter into

  • negotiations and reach a mutually agreed settlement.
  • This could include measures such as ceasefire agreements
  • disarmament and the withdrawal of military forces from disputed areas.

Another important step to end the conflict is Russia's

recognition of Ukraine's sovereignty

  • and territorial integrity.
  • This will include Russia's cessation of support for

In addition

addressing the humanitarian crisis caused

by conflict and providing aid to those affected by violence will be crucial.

International mediation and support can also

play a significant role in resolving the conflict. Organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union could provide resources and facilitate negotiations.

It should be noted that the solution is not a simple one

and it may take a long time and multiple rounds of negotiations to reach a lasting peace. The most important thing is to continue dialogue and work towards a peaceful solution.