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"The way she lied is impressive." Karen Jean-Pierre infuriates Americans in her defense of Biden

"The way she lied is impressive."

Karen Jean-Pierre infuriates Americans in her defense of Biden

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre's statement about classified documents found in Joe Biden's former office prompted sharp reactions among Fox News viewers.

In her statement

  • the representative of the White House said: "As the President himself has said
  • he really looks seriously at classified information.
  • The discovery of any records is therefore a surprise to him.
  • He doesn't know what's inside it ".

Viewers and users, the speaker's words, were clearly hypocritical and false.

User Matthew Huff quipped:

"Apparently defending Biden, it remains a business that is not easy at all."

Joseph Talmadge said:

I like it very much how you lie to us openly and at the same time trust what you say.

Donnie Bradshaw noted:

When you deal incorrectly with classified information

it's a crime, but when Biden does, it's normal.

Mr F said:

White House spokespersons have never spoken so much before

but with so little truth and honesty.

Joe Scambait added:

"How can this group of people think the American public is so stupid?"

Ozzie Man said: "As Vice President

Biden was never supposed to have secret documents.

How can he get these documents and then lose control of them? .


CBS News reported on classified documents found in Biden's office at a think tank named after him in Washington. These documents date back to Biden's time as vice president.

The White House spokeswoman is out of step.

Karen Jean-Pierre

a White House spokeswoman

engaged in an altercation with reporters during a press briefing and acted badly.

The reason why she spoke in high tone and convulsion was a question by the reporter

Daily Caller

to Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease specialist in the United States, who participated in the press conference, about what he did to investigate the origin of the coronavirus.

Karen Jean-Pierre responded with action to the journalist:

I don't give the floor to people screaming.

You don't respect your colleagues and act disrespectfully towards our guest.

I will not give you the floor if you scream and exceed the time

  • because Dr. Faussi must leave in two minutes.
  • I'm done with it, and I don't want to get along with you!
  • She said that White House spokeswoman then gave way to Fauci.

Another journalist who attended the briefing supported his fellow journalist

stating that her question about the coronavirus was justified.

In response, Karen Jean-Pierre said loudly, "It's not your turn."

Responding to the journalist

the White House spokeswoman said:

"I hear the question, but we don't do it the way you want.

It's disrespectful. I'm done, Simon (the name of the journalist), enough. "


the White House spokeswoman abruptly interrupted a journalist who asked a question about the state of health of U.S.

President Joe Biden

who had been speaking during a press conference looking for Jackie Falorski

a longtime congressman.

In response

  • Jean-Pierre told the journalist that it was "not her turn to speak" now
  • while she later explained that the president called out
  • the late congresswoman for "constantly thinking about" her.