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Joe Biden announced a major personnel change and confirmed the departure of Ron Klain as chief of staff


Joe Biden announced a major staff change

confirmed Ron Klein's :

exit as chief of staff and Jeff Zients will take his place

President Joe Biden announced his first major staff change since assuming the top job in the country. Ron Klein was out of the post of Chief of Staff and would be replaced by Jeff Zinz. Biden said:

I've known Ron Klein since he was a third-year law student.

He came to work with me on the Senate Judiciary Committee

and I knew the moment he started to be a once-in-a-generation talent who enjoyed fierce and wonderful intelligence. Equally important, he has a really big heart.

I would like to thank Ron

his wife Monica and their three children for their commitment to being part of my team all these years. In the past 36 years, Ron and I have had some real battles together.

And when you're in the trenches with someone as long as you're with Ron, you can really identify the person. You see what they're made of.

When I was elected president

  • I was certain Ron should be the White House staff's manager.
  • He was uniquely qualified in light of his previous public service.
  • He is knowledgeable about how politics and the government operate.
  • how Congress and the White House work.

He is as powerful

intelligent :

  • Like no one I have ever met, she is as tenacious and determined.
  • White House team in history and relied on them to solve impossible challenges.

Working together

we have made incredible progress in fighting COVID

  • reviving our economy
  • rebuilding our infrastructure
  • and winning the endorsement of nearly 100 federal judges
  • including the nation's first black female justice on the supreme court.

We have taken great steps to address climate change

promote civil rights and address student debt. We have been reaffirming America's place in the world, and perhaps most of all -- restoring trust in our democracy.

This progress will be the legacy of

this White House team, operating under Ron's leadership.

While we have achieved an extraordinary amount

the real sign of Ron's success is that he is loved by the team he leads here in the White House. They'll miss him as much as I'll miss him.

That is why it is important to fill Ron's place with someone who understands what it means to lead a team, and who is equally focused on getting things done.

I have seen Jeff Zinz deal with some of

the most difficult issues in government.

When I was vice president :

  • At the outset of the Obama-Biden administration, I first met him.
  • where I worked closely on the implementation of the U.S.
  • Recovery and Reinvestment Act where Jeff was a leader in
  • the Office of Management and Budget.

He was later assigned the arduous and complex task of

reforming the health.gov, which he successfully did

helping to secure high-quality and affordable health insurance for millions of Americans. He chaired the National Economic Council and shares my focus on strengthening our economy to work for all.

He helped manage our administration's transition to

office under very difficult circumstances.

Thanks to Jeff, we had a historically diverse team in place on the first day ready to go to work. He led our response to the coronavirus, a massive logistical mission of historic proportions.

When I ran for office :

  • I promised to get the government to work for the American people.
  • That's what Jeff does. A major task now awaits us
  • is to implement the laws we have enacted efficiently and fairly.

"I am confident that Jeff will continue Ron's example of smart and steady leadership, where we continue to work hard every day for the people we sent here to serve.

  • I appreciate his and his family's service.
  • his wife Mary and their children
  • for their commitment to this commitment with him.

Next week

the White House will host a formal transition event to thank Ron for his hard work and officially welcome Jeff back to the White House in this position," Biden said.