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Ignoring the Ukrainian crisis. McCarthy announces US House priorities


Ignoring the Ukrainian crisis. McCarthy announces US House priorities

Republican Party leader Kevin McCarthy, whose president was elected at dawn on Saturday, declared the priorities of the U.S. House of Representatives without addressing the Ukrainian crisis.

Two months ago in the November 2022 congressional elections, American citizens voted for a new direction for our country, now we intend to fulfill our commitment to you," McCarthy said.

We are talking about legislators' commitment to

ensuring a strong economy

  • security and freedom within the country
  • and holding the government accountable
  • which is why we're determined to put an end to it.

in an effort to lower food prices


cars and housing, halt the growth of public debt, reduce excessive regulatory burdens, lower energy prices, and create well-paid jobs."

One of McCarthy's main priorities was to combat the illegal flow of migrants across the border with Mexico and compete with Beijing.

In his speech

McCarthy never addressed the situation in Ukraine and allocated funds to help Kyiv.

Last November

McCarthy said House Republicans would not allow Washington to provide unlimited and uncertain financial assistance to Ukraine.

He said:

  • We intend to enact bills to address the pressing problems of our country
  • from the wide-open southern border to the energy policies that
  • put America at the rear.

We will also address America's long-term problems

such as public religion and the rise of the Chinese Communist Party .

As for the Chinese Communist Party

we are going to set up a bipartisan special committee on China to figure out how to bring back hundreds of thousands of jobs that went from the United States to China, and then we will prevail, this is economic competition."

The House of Representatives plans to consider the decision to establish a special committee "on strategic competition between the United States and the Communist Party of China on January 10.

Republican leader McCarthy was elected president of

  • the United States House of Representatives in the 15th round of voting
  • and McCarthy was expected to take over on Tuesday
  • but because of the position of a small group of fellow party members
  • he has not been able to get the required number of votes in recent days.

According to media reports

McCarthy had to make a number of concessions to try to persuade members of Congress to approve his candidacy and, in particular, agreed to certain restrictions on the terms and conditions of his term as President.

Prior to his appointment as Speaker of the House of Representatives

the House's work in Congress remained in fact paralysed, as lawmakers did not have the opportunity to take an oath and move to full activity.