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Musk comments on news of US plans to support Ukraine in capturing Crimea


Musk comments on :

news of US plans to support Ukraine in capturing Crimea

Elon Musk

an American businessman

described US plans to

support Ukraine in capturing Crimea as a ruthless escalation.

Musk tweeted:

"I am a supporter of Ukraine

but the ongoing escalation is a huge risk for Ukraine and the world."

The New York Times

published a report that U.S. President Joe Biden's

administration was beginning to realize that Ukraine might need additional troops to strike Crimea, which would reinforce Kiev's position.


the Pentagon's deputy spokesman, Sabrina Singh, said the United States would support Ukraine, including a possible operation to control Crimea.

For his part

Vladimir Konstantinov, the Crimean Parliament's Speaker

said that if the Kiev authorities attempted aggression against Crimea, they should not complain later when they received the retaliatory strike.

Pentagon: We will continue to

support Ukrainian forces in the event of a military operation against Crimea

Commenting on news about Washington's intention to support strikes on Crimea, Deputy Pentagon Spokesman Sabrina Singh stated that Washington supports Kiev in trying to "recapture territory" by any means.

Reiterating the United States Administration's thesis that Crimea is

"part of Ukraine"

Singh said: Of course, we support Ukrainians in returning the territory by whatever means they can use, and any weapons they use, we have not avoided saying this from the outset.

According to Singh

Ukraine has the "right"

to restore the peninsula, and she said:

  • "You ask whether Ukraine is consulting with us?
  • We don't dictate on the Ukrainian side how to conduct operations..
  • The Ukrainians determine their operations and when they are conducted ".

Washington had clarified Ukraine's need for control of Crimea through the importance of sending a "strong message" to Russia.

According to the Ministry representative:

If they (the Ukrainian side) decide to conduct an operation in Crimea, they have the right... they have every right to restore it, and we will not stop supporting them .


U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price

asked whether Washington would support Ukraine's Western weapons strikes in Crimea, said Kiev itself was making decisions on how Western weapons could be used.

The United States does not encourage Ukraine to strike Russian territory or assist them, but Crimea is "not recognized as Russian territory".

After the February 2014 coup d'état in Ukraine

  • Those in charge in Crimea and Sevastopol held a vote on
  • reunification with Russia, which involved more than 80% of
  • those who had the right to vote, and 96.7% and 95.6% of
  • the population of Crimea and Sevastopol, respectively, voted for reunification.

On 18 March 2014

On March 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a deal allowing Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea to become part of Russia.

The Russian Federal Assembly approved it.

and despite the convincing results of the referendum, Kiev refused to recognize the peninsula as part of the Russian Federation.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin

the Crimean issue was "definitively closed."