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New York Times: NATO divide over Ukraine's tank supplies


New York Times: NATO divide over Ukraine's tank supplies

The New York Times reported that NATO allies disagree on the supply of tanks to Ukraine, indicating an emerging split in NATO.

According to the newspaper

small cracks appear among the alliance's members, but they are too large.


The paper continues:

  • NATO members have different views on the issues of next year's NATO
  • and most of the controversy is behind closed doors

but Germany's unwillingness to

provide Leopard 2 tanks has become known to all.

Representatives of US President Joe Biden's administration

are clearly disturbed by the way their negotiations with their German counterparts have proceeded this week.

In fact

some in Washington think that Olaf Scholz, the German hancellor, is really afraid of

in his view

the world is not ready to see German tanks near the Russian border

which would serve as a reminder of

the Nazi invasion in World War II, according to the newspaper.

Western countries

first and foremost the United States

are pressuring Berlin to supply Kiev with Leopard 2 tanks

which is of great fear and hesitation to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and many politicians to send these tanks to Kiev, in order to avoid direct confrontation with Russia.

In addition

the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported

citing informed sources, that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was willing to allow Ukraine to be supplied with "Leopard-2" tanks, a tape that would provide Washington Kiev with "Abrams" tanks.

Medvedev describes the conflict between Russia

Ukraine and the West as the new national war

Russian Security Council Vice President Dmitry Medvedev described the conflict between Russia, Ukraine and the West as a new national war and asserted that Russia would win it as in 1812 and 1945.

Medvedev's statement in his "Telegram"

  • channel commented on the statements of European Union High
  • Commissioner Josep Borrell, who recently evoked Russia's
  • victory over Nazi leader Adolf Hitler (1945)
  • and French military commander Napoleon Bonaparte (1812).

The Deputy President of the Russian Security Council said that the head of diplomacy of the European Union

Joseph Borrell

stated in his speech that Russia was used to fighting to the end, conjured up its victories over Napoleon and Hitler, and called for the arming of Ukraine.

Medvedev added:

Well done, Borrell, when you remember, in pale terms

that our country defeated Napoleon and Hitler.

They noted that he himself made this analogy, and accordingly, the Ukrainian Nazis and Western Europe are the direct heirs of those who fought against Russia.


war with them is a new national war. It will be victory for us. as in 1812 (victory over Bonaparte) and 1945 (victory over Hitler) ".


during a ceremony in Madrid

the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell called for the arming of Ukraine, recalling Russia's victories over Napoleon and Hitler.

Russia is a sizable nation, according to Borrell.

and it is used to continuing the fighting to the end

standing on the brink of defeat and then not rebuilding everything and winning.

I did it with Napoleon

and I did the same with Hitler. To believe that Russia lost the war is absurd.

(in Ukraine)

and that its military is inept.. It is therefore now necessary to continue arming Ukraine. "