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Drones attacked Iran: Who is behind the attack and what is its real purpose?


Drones attacked Iran :

Who is behind the attack and what is its real purpose?

Under the above heading Andrei Baranov wrote

in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", about the Israeli interest in targeting Iran.

According to the article :

  • on the night of Sunday 29 January 2023
  • several Iranian cities were attacked by unidentified drones.
  • Suicide drones hit defence products factories

  • military bases and army warehouses.

No one has officially claimed responsibility for the night attack.

Does this mean that the world is waiting to move to a global confrontation on several fronts, in addition to the violent conflict over events in Ukraine?

On this question

 the Holocaust Elena

Sobonina replied to Komsomolskaya Pravda:

If it is confirmed that the United States and Israel are behind the overnight raid

Iran :

de facto, will have to strengthen its relations with Russia

including in the military sphere.

But it is too early to say that this could lead to a global war.

Yes :

  • Washington and Tel Aviv would very much like to raise
  • they are well aware of the situation in Iran, but
  • the authorities control the most confidently

and that regime change in the country is unlikely. Most likely

drone strikes are merely an attempt to test

  • the sensitivity of Iran's military infrastructure.
  • These attacks are likely to continue
  • along with Israel's long-standing policy of

stirring anti-government sentiment in Iran through Kurds

mujahideen and other extremists. Tehran, of course, will respond. But not by blow to Israel, but by supporting pro-Israel groups in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

The most dangerous thing is something else.

Negotiations on Iran's nuclear deal have reached an impasse

and no one will continue to do so now.

Ukraine has occupied the entire agenda. But if the United States considers it unstoppable to stop Tehran going down the path of building a nuclear weapon, direct intervention can be talked about. The doomsday clock will then turn into a second count. "

Pentagon denies Washington's involvement in rallies attack on Iran

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder denied the United States' involvement in the recent march attack on the Iranian city of Isfahan.

"Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder stated that the US military was not involved in the strikes against Iran but declined to comment further."

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier :

  • citing knowledgeable US officials
  • that Israel was behind the march attack on an Iranian defence site in
  • the city of Isfahan recently.

ERNA announced that 3 quadcopter parades

with small grenades flew over the Iranian Ministry of

Defence's Dakhmar warehouse and attempted to target it

but that security teams around the warehouse were able to drop one of them, with the help of sensor systems and equipment in their possession.

The Agency commended "the operation of Iranian sensor systems, which enabled Iranian security to capture and drop the march".