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Trump claims there is an FBI plot to oust him in irrational rhetoric over Twitter profiles


Trump claims there was an FBI plot to oust him in a new

irrational diatribe about "Twitter Files."

Former President Donald Trump posted a new video on his personal social media account on Tuesday, claiming it was the FBI that created it and Twitter CEO Elon Musk had the evidence.

Trump claimed that the FBI ran a "surveillance campaign against the American people, frankly against me" while surrounded by flags and wearing a darker bronze than usual.

Trump contends the FBI :

  • was involved in Twitter's agreement to refrain
  • from posting nude photos of President Joe Biden's
  • child without his permission.

The FBI has already refuted this old rumor

but House Republicans have chosen to consider it anyway.

We offer them so they can take whatever action they choose.

they deem appropriate under their terms of service to protect their platform and protect their customers, but we never direct them or ask them to take action," FBI officials said in December

according to FoxNews.com.

The FBI notifies you of the following accounts that

  • any action could be considered a violation of Twitter's terms of service.
  • or inaction deemed appropriate within Twitter policy
  • the FBI wrote in a 2022 email sent after Elon Musk took control of

the company.

The accounts appear to be off, but Musk has not said whether Twitter's terms of service are broken or not in this case. Musk clearly agrees with the FBI's advice, so.

Trump said the government had made concerted efforts to prevent its launch and tried to link the 2022 email to the 2020 presidential election.

In our nation, there must be freedom of expression.

Trump emphasized the need for a free and fair press.

Because it is a privately owned company

Twitter is exempt from First Amendment restrictions

as evidenced by its choice to delete

any tweets containing aircraft tracking data accessible to the public online.

In addition :

  • the "fair press" was not mentioned in the First Amendment
  • which would have placed right-wing sites in
  • legal hot water long before Dominion Voting Systems filed any cases.

Trump continues to say that top national security officials are "very likely" to collaborate with companies across the country to stifle freedom of expression and "steal the election."

It is important to verify information

before accepting it as true

especially when it comes from a controversial or unreliable source. Without further information, it is difficult to determine what President Trump might specifically refer to as "Twitter files."