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According to Killian, Trump should win the 2020 election with a "blast but wasted $1.6 billion."


According to Kellyanne Conway

Trump should have won the 2020 election with an "explosion"

but his campaign wasted $1.6 billion in war money.

Kellyanne Conway, a former White House adviser to Donald Trump, believes the former president's 2020 campaign made "catastrophic mistakes" and squandered $1.6 billion in electoral war money

contributing to his turbulent election loss.

In a Friday opinion piece that appeared in The New York Times

  • election despite his ongoing legal issues
  • poor presentation of his preferred midterm candidates
  • and some criticism of his raucous behavior.

Ignoring Mr. Trump's 2024 candidacy

or writing his political intention is a foolish task

he endures persecution and avoids prosecution like any other public figure," she wrote. That could change, of course, even though this cat has nine lives.

Trump needs to learn from his missteps from the last election cycle, especially "catastrophic personnel errors, strategy and tactics for the Trump 2020 campaign," according to Conway.

Joe Biden will be your opponent, and you have nearly $1.6 billion to spend

the 2020 election was supposed to be an explosion," she said.


they have proven the adage that the fastest way to

create a small wealth is to own a very large wealth and waste most of it.

Conway does not go into further detail about

the Trump campaign's specific tactical or financial errors.

Trump's re-election campaign raised about $1.6 billion in two years and spent nearly $1.4 billion in about 10 months, according to an ABC News investigation quoted in the op-ed.

According to the investigation

 nearly $490 million of money was spent on advertising.

The campaign also spent millions of dollars on Trump properties and donors' gifts in other areas. According to ABC News, about $56 million was spent on campaign goods and donor gifts.

This included spending tens of thousands of dollars to buy the books


and "Liberal Privilege,"

  • two books by Donald Trump Jr., according to a 2020 article in The Daily Beast
  • which Trump Jr.The Republican National Committee bought books.
  • in the amount of $ 300 thousand and distributed to the party's supporters.

According to ABC News, more than $ 5 million was spent on Trump-named hotels, including $ 900 thousand in one of his properties to rent space and food.

It is difficult to provide an accurate figure for

President Trump's 2020 re-election campaign

as campaign finance disclosures are regularly updated

and not all spending is reported publicly.


the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee have raised more than $1.1 billion for the 2020 election cycle.

In addition

outside groups supporting President Trump's re-election have also spent large sums of money on advertising and other campaign activities.