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Trump warns of nuclear conflict over sending western tanks to Ukraine


Trump warns of nuclear conflict over sending western tanks to Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump has warned of an escalating crisis in Ukraine into a nuclear war on the back of the West sending tanks to Ukraine.

Truth Social Trump stated on his social media platform:

Tanks first :

then nuclear weapons. Stop this crazy war now. easy to do .

Trump has often cautioned that a third global war might break out as a result of the situation in Ukraine. He was sure that hostilities would not have begun if he had continued to assume the presidency of the United States.

The German government announced yesterday that it

had sent 14 "Leopard-2"

tanks from the German armed forces stockpile and issued permits to export them from third countries, while the United States of America also announced on Wednesday its intention to transport 31 American "Abrams" tanks to Kyiv.

The Defence Ministries of Norway

and Slovakia, as well as the governments of Britain, France, and Poland, declared their intention to supply tanks to Kiev.

The German Defence Minister does not understand

who "cheers" for supplying tanks to Ukraine

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius stated that there was no pleasure in supplying Ukraine with tanks, and that he did not understand those who were willing to shout in delight at the fact that tanks were being sent now.

According to the German minister's statement on air on Welt TV

"We are talking about the use of technology in combat operations," he continued, expressing his full understanding of "every man and woman's fears about sending combat tanks to a war zone."

Yesterday :

The German administration declared that 14 tanks had been delivered.


  • from the German military's stockpiles
  • and its issuance of permits to export these tanks from third countries

Wednesday its intention to transport 31 American tanks.


  • to Kiev, then the Defence Ministries of Norway
  • and Slovakia announced their intention to
  • transfer tanks to Ukraine, as well as

the authorities of Britain, France and Poland to supply Kiev with tanks.

For his part :

Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Netchaev described Berlin's

decision to send tanks to the Kyiv authorities as

"extremely dangerous"

and as the conflict "escalating the clash"

and Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov earlier said that Russian forces would destroy American Abrams tanks and all other equipment NATO would provide to Ukraine.