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When will the Ukraine war end and what is the secret of 2055? Predictions of Nostradamus


When does America collapse

and Ukraine's war end and what's the secret of 2055 year?

Mathematical predictions from "Nostradamus 21st Century"

Using a special algorithm, the renowned mathematician, Mohammed Siddiq Afghan, produced several exciting predictions that determine the fate of the world until 2058.

Projections based on mathematical equations announced by this world

included Russia's special operation in Ukraine, the fate of the United States and the European Union, and the prospects of nuclear war.

The mathematician was an Afghan friend

  • dubbed "Nostradamus 21st Century" by some
  • who predicted the coronavirus pandemic six years before
  • the world entered the experience of life and remote work

based on mathematical equations

and an algorithm described as unique, while acknowledging a margin for error.

According to an Afghan friend

the credibility of his expectations based on mathematical calculations for individuals is approximately 100%, while for individual countries it is 70 to 80%, and for the entire world it is 60%.

This world specializing in mathematics and history that

is a living legend in mathematical forecasting says that "people think everything happens by chance, and I want to prove that everything that happens in the world is predetermined and predictable by applying a mathematical formula."

It is remarkable that the famous Bulgarian godfather


is recorded to have said on one occasion:

"A mathematician will come and tell everything... listen to it ".

It is also noted that Siddiq Afghan

a founding president of the World Center for Philosophical Mathematics Research in Kabul, is a political activist who has led protest activities on several occasions in the past years, one of which relates to the protest against Danish drawings offensive to the Islamic religion in 2008.

This Afghan mathematician revealed his expectations for

the most important issue

and replied to a question about the Russian military operation in Ukraine by saying that the turning point would begin in 2025, adding: "America will not remain a great power in 2027. You will triumph in Ukraine. This is my advice ".

This world specializing in forecasting by mathematical calculations also set a period for the EU's collapse, and this would happen from 2027 to 2032.

Afghanistan's friend also

addressed the possibility of a nuclear war against the backdrop of current events in the world, stressing in his predictions that such a war would not break out until 2055.

In this context

it was pointed out that what is now going on is "an online computer war.. Information war. This is a conflict between East and West civilizations ".

The Afghan mathematician stated that his mathematical approach to expectations confirmed that Russia was on track, while calling on it not to back down.