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Finally revealed: Here's who met Trump before the January 6 riots.


Finally revealed:

Here's who met Trump before the January 6 riots.

In late December

a House committee published a spreadsheet containing seven full days of White House visitor records from the weeks leading up to the riots on January 6.

The Committee released hundreds of documents online last month when it

concluded its investigation

including Excel spreadsheets. Politico published the documents in searchable format and analyzed the disclosure of visitor data that Donald Trump spent his entire presidency trying to hide.

Records are not exhaustive.

It covers only 12, 14, 18 and 21 December 2020, followed by 3-5 January 2021. Nor does it specify the exact objectives of visits or use visitors' names alone to identify them.


the records shed new light on events covered by

the January 6 investigation, including a raucous Oval Office meeting on

December 18 :

  • where outside advisers such as Sidney Powell
  • and Patrick Byrne proposed confiscating voting machines
  • and provided a list of those who met with Trump in
  • the final weeks of his presidency, including Fox News broadcasters.

Records also show that

many painters and photographers went to the president's private home at the time for unknown reasons and that five employees of the then-deputy. Devin Nunes (R-CA) studied documents that Trump wanted to declassify.

Some entries in the document were removed from

when the Select Committee announced to

the public on January 6 to protect people's privacy.

We also got rid of the White House tour records

which formed a large part of the data but there was rarely a visitor to the public interest, unless there was something unusual, such as the December 12 tour by Proud Boys president Enrique Tarrio.

Dates listed on visitors' records are December 12, 2020, December 14, 2020, December 18, 2020, December 21, 2020, January 3, 2021, January 4, 2021 and January 5, 2021.

At that time

certain visits were posted to the public.

Others can be explained by their timing, which is taking place in the midst of the COVID pandemic and White House layoffs in preparation for a transfer of power, at least among those who are not part of Trump's inner circle.


even these slim glimpses offer a sneak peek into how the Trump White House really works, with a variety of visitors - political and non-political - coming in and out.

For example :

a very different group of visitors was moved to

the building's east wing as five members of the then deputy.

Devin Nunes' staff on the House Intelligence Committee was directed to

the West Wing to review the material that Trump intended to declassify.

The reason why many artists and photographers visited the president's private residence as 6 January approached remains unknown.