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Zelensky demands NATO for F-16s and long-range missiles

Zelensky demands NATO for F-16s and long-range missiles

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky demanded that the Ministers of Defence of NATO meeting at German base Ramstein provide F-16s and long-range missiles to Ukraine

This came at the end of a videoconference speech by Zelensky to

the contact group on Ukraine's support from the defence ministers of NATO meeting at the Ramstein base, where Zelensky


Both will be a step forward in the current military assistance being sent

as grants have so far been limited to missiles with munitions that cannot strike Russian long-range targets," Zelensky urged the West to speed up with Kiev's help, describing time as "Russia's weapon."

NATO Secretary-General Jens

Stoltenberg had earlier expressed the hope that decisions would be taken by the Contact Group on Ukraine's support for the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv.

For his part

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated today that

the importance of "NATO" shipments of heavy weapons to

Ukraine should not be overstated

as they would not change anything substantially

but would add further problems to Ukraine.

Russia had previously sent a memorandum to NATO

countries as a result of providing Ukraine with weaponry

while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicated that any cargo containing weapons to Ukraine would become a legitimate target for Russia, and the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that NATO states were playing fire by supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Today :

at the Ramstein base in Germany

  • a meeting of ministers of States supporting Ukraine

  • commanded by Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense

  • who described the meeting as crucial at the level of
  • weapons provided to Kiev, referring to Germany's Leopard tanks.

Western countries are a coalition that has pressured Germany to

allow the sending of Leopard tanks from its stock or by third countries

such as Poland and Finland

while the Bundestag did not vote on the move, and Berlin linked its approval to Washington's move to send its Abrams tanks, with the White House announcing Washington's unwillingness to send their tanks to Ukraine.

The United States Department of Defense publishes an

"immediate" list of its new military assistance to Ukraine.

The US Department of Defense published a list of additional "security" assistance to Ukraine, stating that the Biden administration has provided US $27.4 billion in aid to Ukraine since its inception.

This list was published on the official website of the United States Department of Defense, under the heading " "For immediate deployment", the statement states that the Ministry of Defense announces authorization to meet Ukraine's vital security and defence needs.

According to the presidential mandate

valued at up to $ 2.5 billion

this is the Biden administration's withdrawal of 30 equipment from the stockpiles of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine since August 2021, comprising hundreds of armored vehicles, and critical support for Ukrainian air defence

Other important possibilities include:

  • Additional ammunition for NASAMS advanced national ground-to-air missile systems
  • 8 Avenger Air Defense Systems
  • Bradley infantry combat armoured 59 and 255,000 rounds of 25 mm ammunition
  • 90 Stryker pedestrian armour with 20 mine rollers
  • 53 Anti-Mine Vehicle MRAP
  • 350 High Motion Multi-Purpose Vehicle HMMWV
  • 20 thousand 155 mm artillery rounds
  • About 600 155mm artillery rounds for precise guidance
  • 95 thousand 105 mm artillery shells
  • About 11,800 120 mm mortar shells
  • 12 ammunition support vehicles
  • 6 command centre vehicles
  • 22 tactical vehicles to withdraw weapons
  • High Speed Anti-Radiation Rockets HARM
  • About 2,000 anti-armour missiles
  • More than 3 million rounds of small arms ammunition
  • Demolition equipment to remove obstacles
  • Clymore's anti-personnel munitions
  • Night Vision Devices
  • Spare parts and other field equipment.

According to the statement:

The recent Kremlin air attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure demonstrate once again the devastating impact of Russia's brutal war in Ukraine, while this package provides


munitions and Avenger air defence systems to help Ukraine cope with a range of short- and medium-range threats and strengthen Ukraine's multi-level air defence.

It also provides 59 Bradley armoured vehicles included in this package

along with another 50 of the same type that were transported on January 6, and 90 Stryker pedestrian armoured vehicles with 20 armoured capability conveyor mines.

Total :

The United States of America has committed more than $27.4 billion in security aid to Ukraine

Since the Biden administration began operating. Since 2014

The United States has allocated more than $29.5 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.

and more than $26.7 billion since the beginning of Russia's unprovoked and brutal invasion on 24 February 2022. "

The representative of Russia in the United States of America

Anatoly Antonov

had commented on media reports of the United States Administration's intention to announce a large package of military assistance to Ukraine, that Russia would destroy any weapons supplied by the Americans or "NATO" by the regime of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.