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Democratic Representative: Biden endangered national security


Democratic Representative: Biden endangered national security

Democratic U.S. Representative Adam Schiff considered that President Joe Biden might be endangering national security by storing classified documents from his time as vice president at his home and in the office of his research center.

Schiff said:

We have requested an assessment of the Mar-a-Lago documents

(documents seized by the FBI from former President Donald Trump's home in August 2022). I think it should receive a similar assessment of the documents found at the think tank and at Biden's house. "

He added:

  • What exactly are these documents? please tell me.
  • I would like to know what the intelligence community assessed
  • whether there was any risk and what damage had been done 

 and noted that

it seems that it was not intended that these documents would be retained. there has been no effort to keep them, no effort to hide them, no effort to obstruct the MoJ investigation, yet I think it is appropriate for a special adviser to consider both cases ".

Biden's lawyers discovered the documents with an old storage unit, the White House revealed last Monday. Meanwhile, records were kept at Biden's home in Delaware.

On Thursday

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former

Maryland Attorney Robert Hoare as special counsel to lead the investigation.


Confidential Biden documents caused Americans' distrust of government

President Kevin McCarthy of the U.S. House of Representatives confirmed that citizens do not trust their government because of the hypocrisy and injustice of Joe Biden's administration, in the case of classified documents found in his garage.

McCarthy said:

Everyone saw the documents found by former President Donald Trump.

It was made public.

Where are the photos of documents found by Joe Biden?

He had knowledge about her existence when he went to the polls and when he gave interviews. America does not trust its government because of this.

The U.S.

Department of Justice is now investigating how state secrets reach inappropriate places such as offices and residential buildings, which Biden used before becoming president of the United States.

The crisis of "secret documents"

  • in the United States is rapidly becoming a tool in the Republican
  • Democratic conflict, at a time when the country is
  • embroiling two bipartisan presidents in this dossier.

discovering classified materials in

Joe Biden's garage currently serving as president

and in his office 

dating back to his tenure as vice president, nearly 5 years ago, brought Biden and the Democratic Party into the same crisis as his predecessor Donald Trump and the Republican Party.