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Adam Schiff tried to delete Biden's joke from Twitter files Like the North Korean leader


Adam Schiff tried to censor a joke about

Joe Biden as they do in North Korea according to Elon Musk's Twitter files

Elon Musk

  • via freelance journalist Matt Taibbi
  • caught California Rep. Ada Schiff trying to
  • as if we were living in North Korea, censor a joke about Vice President Joe Biden.

According to the latest Twitter files

Schiff (D-CA) made repeated requests to Twitter to remove posts, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, but saw the tech company deny many of them.

According to Latibi:

Democrat House member AdamSchiff wrote on Twitter a lot

asking to remove the tweets.

This important use of taxpayer resources included a question of a cynical portrait of Joe Biden's "Peter Dosch" (see below). The DNC submitted the same request. "

The picture of the joke Schiff wanted to blame

  • in violation of the United States Constitution
  • was a modified picture of Biden and his tongue prominent.
  • Schiff's staff did not like the joke and demanded its removal
  • directly in opposition to the US Constitution.

Thanks to this

Twitter refused to tell Schiff's team to

mitigate the image as the image was clearly changed for comic effect.

This is North Korean stuff from Schiff, don't mock my dear commander. It has no place in America. We are grateful that Elon Musk is sounding this alarm.

Follow Taiba:

The real issue was that Donald Trump retweeted the image of Biden.

To the credit of Twitter's refusal to remove it

Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth said he had a "humorous intention" and "any reasonable observer" - apparently not a Schiff employee - could see that it had been manipulated.

Chef Jeff Lowenstein's staff member did not give up

stating that a slippery decline was a concern in this area.

Twitter also rejected requests to block the content of Schiff and his staff

for example," cancel [ie] all search results for Mr. Mesco and other committee staff completely. Twitter said this would not be "possible."

Even when Twitter didn't suspend an account

that doesn't mean they didn't act.

Schiff's office has repeatedly complained about "QAnon-related activity" which has often been tweets about other matters, such as the identity of the "whistleblower" in Ukraine or the Steele file.