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Houston man shoots dead armed robber and returns stolen money to all victims


Houston man shoots dead armed robber

and returns stolen money to all victims

Houston agent Takeria is sick of the uncontrolled crime in this country and shot and killed a man stolen by restaurant agents late Thursday night in southwest Houston.

According to Houston police

The restaurant was entered by a masked, armed man.

and demanded money from customers and the governor.

In the video below

you can see the gunman approaching every

client pointing his gun at them and demanding their money and property.

Some customers defended for

cover while others threw their hands for fear that

the robber would open fire.

Some customers can be seen throwing money at the armed robber, while others put their wallets and mobile phones on the table that the thief hijacks with rapidly greedy movements.

You can see the hero customer preparing to make a move several times as well at the bottom of the screen before quietly waiting for the right moment to finish the robber's night.

After collecting money from customers, the robber made his way to the door and turned his back on the hero customer who was armed and waiting.

A terrible mistake.

  • The agent shot the robber
  • and then collected all the stolen money
  • and returned it to the stunned victims.

Lieutenant Wilkins HPD said "the robbery suspect came to the store

and was wearing masks and gloves."

He had a plastic gun that was probably a soft gun or a small BB gun.

According to ABC:

"It happened at The Ranchito # 4 in S. Bellaire and Gessner around 11:30 p.m.

"When the masked robber entered and pointed his gun at them before starting to take their wallets and cell phones, there were about 10 agents eating inside, according to Lieutenant HPD R. Wilkins."

Sergeants in the homicide department of HPD, M. Arrington, C. Duncan, and Detectives S.Overstreet and L. Lovelace reported:

Officers were sent to a shooting call at the restaurant at the above address and observed an unknown black man wearing all black clothing, a black ski mask and black gloves being shot several times inside the company.

Paramedics pronounced him dead.

Eyewitnesses told officers that the suspect entered

the restaurant and pointed his gun at the customers while asking for their money.

When the suspect collected money from the herders

  • one of the herdsmen, described as a white
  • or a Hispanic man fired his own weapon
  • and shot the suspect several times.

The shooter collected the money stolen from the suspect and returned the money to other customers. He and other herdsmen (victims) then fled the scene.