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Medvedev calls on the West to abandon its illusions of destroying Russia


Medvedev calls on the West to abandon its illusions in

destroying Russia 

and describes NATO followers as "gelding dogs"

Vice-President of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev

stated that the West would try to overwhelm Russia for as long as possible and even destroy it by establishing a new military alliance.

Medvedev's statement commented on the results of the NATO Defence Ministers' meeting at the US base of Ramstein

Germany, on January 20.

The NATO Defence Ministers

 meeting at the American base of

Ramstein in Germany and their decision to supply Kiev with heavy weapons leave no doubt that our enemies are continuing to try to overwhelm us indefinitely

and they are even illusory that they are capable of destroying us

and they have to stop these illusions, and destroying Russia is very difficult.

The United States and NATO

  • described as their "gelding" dogs
  • will work to form a new military alliance to
  • try to fulfil their dreams of eliminating Russia.

History had shown that

the end of long wars was reflected in balance

and stability.

At the end of that war, the United States would abandon its" old European ally and its unhappy followers in Ukraine, and peace would prevail on the ground."

Washington to its allies: Quickly send weapons..

We're in front of a decisive moment!

The U.S. Secretary of Defense

Lloyd Austin, said in a speech at the base of "Ramstein" on Friday that the United States was committed to continuing to provide military support to Ukraine for as long as necessary.

In his speech, Austin added:

  • We will keep helping Ukraine defend itself for as long as is necessary
  • arguing that this is a decisive moment
  • for Ukraine and a decisive decade for the entire world.

The Secretary of Defense announced that the United States had increased its security support to Ukraine and that Kiev would be supplied with Patriot batteries, armors and armors.

He noted that

there is a determination of the contact group to support Ukraine in confronting Russia, adding that U.S. support for Kiev has exceeded $26.7 billion since Russia's offensive against Ukraine began.

Austin said Washington would provide Ukrainian troops

with training

and equipment in addition to what European countries would provide.

In the same vein

the US Defence Secretary commended Poland

saying that it had been a leader among

the European countries for providing military support to Ukraine as well as Germany.

A meeting of defence ministers of States supporting Ukraine was held today in Germany at the United States base "Ramstein", headed by Lloyd Austin.

Western countries are a coalition that has pressured Germany to allow the dispatch of Leopard tanks from its stockpile or by third countries

such as Poland and Finland.

It should be noted that the Bundestag (German Parliament)

did not vote on the move

and Berlin had linked its approval of the move to

Send Leopard 2 tanks to the unveiling of the Abrams tanks in Washington.

On Friday

A list of extra threats was released by the US Department of Defense.

"security" assistance to Ukraine

claiming that US $27.4 billion in funding has been provided by the Biden administration

aid to Ukraine since its inception.