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President Biden has issued 6 full pardons including a woman who killed her abusive husband


President Biden issued 6 full pardons including Ohio

80-year-old woman killed her violent husband years ago

Joe Biden issued six full pardons on Friday, mostly on minor drug charges, but also one for a 80-year-old Columbus, Ohio, woman who killed her abusive husband when she was 33.

A White House official stated in a statement that the President had pardoned "those who have served their sentences and demonstrated a commitment to improving their communities and the lives of those around them.

These include individuals who have served honourably in the United States Army, volunteered in their communities, and survived domestic violence.

Tamas' son Beverly Ann

  • 80 years old, was convicted in 1977 of
  • "second-degree murder while armed with
  • her husband's murder, according to the White House.

33 years old at the time of the occurrence, Ms. Ibn Tamas

was pregnant and testified that her husband had beaten her before

and during her pregnancy

verbally attacked her and threatened her. According to her testimony, her husband physically assaulted and threatened her moments before he was shot.

During her trial

  • The court rejected expert testimony regarding
  • women's violent syndrome, psychological condition
  • and the pattern of behaviour that evolves in victims of domestic violence.

Tamas' son was sentenced to one to five years' imprisonment.

Her appeal was one of the first important steps towards judicial recognition of women's violent syndrome, and her case was the subject of numerous academic studies .

According to the White House

Ibn Tamas was appointed director of nursing at an Ohio-based healthcare institution and still works there as a case manager.

The White House stated that Tamas' son had raised her

children alone and that her daughter had become a lawyer.

Other individuals granted full pardons are pilot and veteran Edward Lincoln de Quito III now 50, from Dublin, California, who was convicted of marijuana smuggling at the age of 23 Gary Parks Davis, 66, from Yuma, Arizona, who was jailed for a cocaine deal as a 22-year-old but later appeared in his community.

Vicente Ray Flores, now 37, of Winters


  • was convicted at age 19 of alcohol and ecstasy while serving in the military.
  • When he was 18, Charles Burns Jackson, a resident of Swansea

was convicted of possessing and selling distilled spirits without proper tax stamps. Twenty years ago, John Dix Nook III, a resident of St. Augustine, Florida, now aged 72, entered a guilty plea to rent a marijuana growing facility.

A White House official said the pardon followed a categorical pardon for thousands of people convicted of possessing simple marijuana and a pardon for three people in April.

Two drug offenders were pardoned in April

along with a former Secret Service agent convicted of

attempting to sell classified material but strongly dismissed the charge.

Thousands of marijuana pardons granted in October were warmly received by advocacy groups. Although the decision was

"incredibly late,"

the executive director of the Pharmaceutical Policy Alliance, Cassandra Frederick, told the Guardian at the time that her organization was "happy."

The White House official said Friday that Biden

believes that America is a nation with second chances

and that providing meaningful opportunities for redemption and rehabilitation enables those who have been imprisoned to become productive and law-abiding members of society."

The President remains committed to providing second chances to individuals who have demonstrated their rehabilitation - something elected officials on both sides of the corridor

religious leaders :

civil rights advocates and law enforcement leaders agree that the criminal justice system must deliver."