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The head of the Russian Duma expects a global catastrophe if the West supplies Kyiv with offensive weapons


The President of the Russian State Duma

predicts a global catastrophe if :

the West supplies Kiev with offensive weapons

The President of the Russian State Duma

Vyachislav Volodin, confirmed that the supply of offensive weapons to Ukraine by the West for strikes on Russian territory threatens a global catastrophe.

Volodin explained via "Telegram" that if the United States and NATO provided Ukraine with offensive weapons to attack Russian cities and try to seize them, "the Russian response would be painful."

The United States and its allies

namely France and Germany

are leading the world towards a war that will be very different from today's

he added

stressing the need for Western officials to recognize their responsibilities to

their peoples and the gravity of their decisions that

will end in global tragedy

pointing to the technological superiority of Russian weapons.

Volodin noted that the West should not talk about the issue of

  • the non-use of weapons of mass destruction in domestic conflicts
  • as in the past, when Western nuclear Powers
  • had not faced a threat to their national security.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reported on Friday that Western politicians' statements about supplying more weapons to Ukraine were provocative and fuelled the conflict.

Ukraine's President

Vladimir Zelensky, stated during the Davos Conference that Kiev would initiate an attack and attempt to seize Crimea, once it supplied heavy weapons.

For its part

the Pentagon announced that the United States did not support the idea of Ukraine attacking Russian territory, but supported its plan to restore Crimea.

US officer:

Ukraine's supply of

air defence systems "Patriot" is a serious mistake

US Army Officer Jeff Lamer wrote in an article for Military that Washington was making a mistake mandated to provide Ukraine with "Patriot" air defence systems.

In his view

Ukraine was not prepared to use such "complex and highly technical"

military equipment, which took several months to study, and the supply of "Patriot" air defence systems would not change Ukraine's inherent vulnerability in the atmosphere.

The contradiction is very great.

Washington's insistence, despite this fact, is false, and it will have to pay dearly for it. 

Earlier :

  • the Pentagon stated that it
  • the use of "patriot" systems at a military base in Oklahoma.

The Americans expect Ukrainian troops to be equipped to use and maintain "Patriot" systems within a few months, and the first battery was included in the last package of assistance to Kiev.

For his part

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly asserted that Russia has never refused to negotiate with Ukraine

but the Kyiv authorities have prevented this on their own.

According to the President

Moscow is not seeking to make the Ukrainian conflict continue

but rather to end it. At the same time, Western States are increasingly talking about the need to continue military actions, pump Kiev with weapons and train Ukrainian forces' fighters on their territory.