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Judge Trump and his lawyer order nearly $1 million in penalties in Clinton


Judge Trump and his lawyer order nearly $1 million in penalties in Clinton

On Thursday

  • a federal judge ruled that Donald Trump, a former president,
  • and his lawyer were responsible for nearly $1 million in
  • fines in a lawsuit filed by Trump against Hillary Clinton

along with several other former senior Justice Department officials

claiming they worked together to defeat him in the 2016 election.

This case ought never to have been filed. U.S.

  • District Judge Donald Middlebrokes of the Southern District of Florida wrote that
  • Its inadequacy as a legal argument was immediately apparent.
  • No reasonable lawyer would have lifted it.
  • No charges in the case were brought for political reasons
  • the amended complaint mentioned a legally identifiable claim. 

One of the defendants in the Trump case has already been

granted a request for sentences by Middlebrooks.

This order was suspended

calling for sanctions totaling more than $66,000, while Trump's lawyers filed an appeal. A request from a number of additional defendants, including Clinton, led to the most recent decision to impose penalties on $937,989.

In the latter order, the judge wrote:

  • I find that the proceedings here were abusive methods of litigation.
  • The complaint and the amended complaint have been drafted to
  • reinforce the political narrative

failure to

address the legal injury caused by any defendant .

It was immediately apparent that this was an inadequate legal claim.

No reasonable lawyer will provide it. The judge wrote, his purpose was political, and none of the charges in the amended complaint mentioned a legal case that could be identified. "

The judge listed a number of other unsuccessful lawsuits filed by Trump in recent years while referring to his

"pattern of court abuse for political ends."

  • He is the instigator of deliberate court system abuses.

  • and cannot be considered a blind litigant following

Frivolous suits should not be used as a means of fundraising

or as fodder for gatherings or social media, Middlebrook wrote.

Mr. Al-Sayyid.

  • Trump uses the courts as a platform set up for political theater and grievance.
  • such conduct is incompatible with
  • the judiciary's capacity to carry out its constitutionally mandated duties.

Alina Hiba, Trump's lawyer, and her legal office were part of the order.

The full amount requested by Middlebrooks to pay defendants' legal fees and expenses is USD 937,989.39, both of which are equally and separately liable.

Trump :

a Republican :

contested a second term in office in 2020 but lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

After his loss

he made numerous false assurances that

his failure was the result of widespread voter fraud.

He announced his presidential bid in 2024 and may have started a showdown with Biden.