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Trump gathers infamous information about Florida governor ahead of 2024 election


Trump gathers infamous information about Florida governor ahead of 2024 election

Rolling Stone reported that the former US president

Donald Trump

gathers information offensive to Florida Governor Ron de Santis.

Ron de Santis

  • who could become Trump's main contender in the 2024
  • presidential election, has yet to announce his intention to run
  • but the US media has confirmed there is evidence that
  • he wants to participate in the election campaign.


who officially announced his intention to participate in the 2024 election

warned his potential rival last fall not to run

threatening to spread very bad information about him.

The magazine added that Trump expects to be challenged by Santis in

the primary and therefore has begun to plan a new campaign against him. She also stressed that Trump had discussed with his political allies over the past two months how to criticize De Santis on personal

or political issues such as lack of charisma

proximity to the party elite and a weak stance on citizen social security

(and De Santis previously supported actions that would result in a reduction in the cost of the seniors' social protection program by more than $250 billion in 10 years).

The magazine quotes two sources that

Trump has over the past weeks asked the question:

"Is there anything else we have about Ron?"

A study by the Wall Street Journal last December suggested that De Santis would confidently beat Trump in the Republican primary.

Trump begins campaign for 2024 US presidential election

  • Former US President Donald Trump's election campaign announced on
  • Tuesday that he will appear before the public in
  • South Carolina on 28 this month as he seeks to
  • run in the 2024 presidential election.

A campaign announcement said two well-known 

Republican symbols in South Carolina were set to join Trump at State House

revealing his campaign leadership team there

Senator Lynzie Graham

one of Trump's most loyal supporters, and Governor Henry McMaster.

It should be noted that South Carolina enjoys considerable influence as one of the first states to witness presidential contests in election years.

Trump announced last November that

he would run for the next U.S. presidential election in 2024.

The former U.S. president faces charges of tax evasion

concealment of classified documents at his Maralago residence in Florida, and conspiracy and incitement in the case of a U.S. congressional break-in on January 6, 2021.