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Media: The outlet of the machete attack in New York dreamed of joining "Taliban" and "martyrdom"


Media: The outlet of

the machete attack in New York dreamed of joining

"Taliban" and "martyrdom"

CNN reported that the young man who attacked a machete 3 two policemen in New York on New Year's Eve, carried a handwritten letter with him, expressing his desire to join the Taliban in Afghanistan and "martyrdom."

Trevor Pickford, 19

remains in police custody at Bellevue Hospital

where he is treated for a gunshot wound to his shoulder that he suffered during the attack, CNN said, citing multiple security sources.

CNN added that investigators on Sunday sought search warrants for the suspect's phone and online activities to determine whether he was witnessing "violent extremist propaganda."

The New York Post quoted police sources that the young man had written a statement urging his family to "repent to God and convert to Islam."

Pickford described his brother Devon by saying

"I joined the ranks of my enemy" for his service to the United States Army.

Pickford a resident of

a little settlement in the northern state of Maine

  • arrived in New York a few days before the attack
  • along with a collection of religious materials and $200, the sources said.

According to sources 

Pickford "discovered religion" after his father died after overdosing on drugs in 2018 and recently slipped into extremism, about a month ago.

moment of attack

The sources said he was on the FBI's terrorism watch list after his mother and aunt informed the agency of his alleged extremist views.

On Saturday

  • the NYPD sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies around
  • ISIS Media Unit produces a video on New Year's Eve in the nation.
  • urging attacks by individual wolves", according to sources.

The video

which is circulating in online chat rooms

The notice stated that the video "includes chosen graphic segments demonstrating various ways of assault, including explosives, firearms, knives and poisons."

Two policemen injured in New York

machete attack during New Year's celebrations

A young man with a white machete-shaped weapon attacked three police officers during Saturday evening's New Year celebration in New York, according to US authorities.

The young man struck two of them in the head before a policeman shot himself in the shoulder about eight streets from Thames Square, outside the heavily guarded area.

The police officers were taken to hospital

one with a skull fracture and the other with a severe wound

but are expected to recover.

The 19-year-old suspect is also expected to recover.

Police said at a press conference that the suspect approached the officers without provocation, adding that the incident was still under investigation with the assistance of federal law-keeping bodies.

The New York Best reported that senior law enforcement officials were investigating whether the attacker was an "Islamist extremist who had recently embraced radical views", based on online publications.