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As if they were a terrorist group A source reveals the American divers who blew up the northern torrent


With their moustache and beard :

they looked like members of a terrorist group.

Source reveals details of US divers who blew up the northern torrent

American journalist John Duggan revealed that American divers with deep sea equipment participated in the "NATO" Baltops 2022 exercise, which took place last summer in the Baltic Sea.

According to journalist Dugan

a letter arrived from an anonymous reliable source

in which he provided graphic evidence of

the exercises and documents, but asked not to distribute them for fear of being identified, the letter was sent from a temporary email account on 2 October

and Dugan made fruitless attempts to get in touch with the author.

The journalist declared,  I fully trust the letter.

It contains details that can only be provided by a person familiar with Baltops 22 exercises and deep sea equipment.. everything was true ".

The author claims that he participated in Baltops exercises last June and, according to him, on June 15, a helicopter carried a group of Americans in plainclothes.

My first thought was that they looked like a terrorist group.

The author explains that the hairstyles

mustaches and beards, as well as the lack of name cards, seemed strange to him.

Noting that the divers were received by Vice Admiral in the Sixth Navy of the United States Navy, and a group of men in civilian clothes, the author of the letter did not hear their conversation due to the noise of the helicopter.

He added:

  • An eyewitness said that he noticed that Americans wore MK-29 respirators
  • In addition, they had other highly professional

and expensive equipment

traditional naval troops do not utilise, and also carried little crates.

The author said:

The divers acknowledged that they will take part in

a demining exercise

they had to sail on a rubber boat to a particular area, find and neutralize anti-ship mines, yet they did not have the equipment to do so, and after speaking to the Vice Admiral, they left the exercise area and were absent for a long time."

He added:

They left the boat in respirators and disappeared underwater

for more than six hours

there is no independent equipment that allows the diver to stay underwater for six hours. With the latest military systems

three or four hours

he noted

that the US military returned without boxes, and were then transported by helicopter.

In a press briefing prior to the start of Baltops 2022

6th Fleet Commander Eugene Black said that

the exercises included underwater mining testing, but because the author could not be contacted, Dugan was unable to confirm the Deputy Admiral's identity referred to in the letter.

Last week

  • the Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist
  • Seymour Hersh published an article on
  • the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

According to him, American divers planted explosives under the lines "Northern Stream 1 and 2", during NATO exercises, and three months later Norwegians detonated them.

President Joe Biden issued the vandalism decision after more than nine months of confidential discussions with the national security team.

In Hirsch's view

  • the reason was Biden's fears that Germany
  • which receives gas from Russia via the "northern torrent"
  • would not want to take part in providing Ukraine with military aid.

Washington categorically denies the accusations

claiming they were not involved in

the Northern Torrent 1 and 2  gas pipeline explosions

On 26 September

attacks took place on Russian gas pipelines

"Northern Torrent 1 and 2", a gas leak was detected in four places simultaneously, and Sweden, Denmark and Germany are conducting investigations, but have not yet produced any tangible results.

For its part, the Kremlin described the incident as an act of international terrorism.