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Putin: US considering nuclear weapons tests and we will reciprocate



US considering nuclear weapons tests and we will reciprocate

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the United States of America was considering the possibility of testing nuclear weapons, information already available.

This came during the Russian President's address to the Federal Assembly on Tuesday

February 21 :

  • where the President continued that the Russian Ministry of
  • Defense and Ross Atom should therefore be prepared to
  • if the United States conducts nuclear weapons testing first.

We know for sure that some figures in Washington are already considering

the possibility of conducting natural tests of

  • Considering that they have nuclear weapons,

  • The United States is creating new nuclear weapons.

  • but if the United States does such tests, we will also do so.

The Russian Ministry of Defense's 12th Major Directorate

Defence has Russia's central training field in the Novaya Zemlya region

where the Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test by 132 from 1955-1990.

In that particular region

on 23 February 1958

a Soviet thermonuclear charge of 49 was tested, making its physical blueprint possible the creation of more economical, light and small-sized hydrogen charges, which subsequently became the basis for the local nuclear triad.

At the same place, at the Novaya Zemlia test site

on 30 October 1961, the most powerful thermonuclear bomb in history at 58 megatons, commonly called the "tsar bomb", was tested, in response to the accumulation of their thermonuclear arsenal by Americans.

Earlier :

  • it was reported that non-nuclear tests were being conducted
  • at Novaya Zemlia to confirm the credibility of
  • existing nuclear weapons, while Americans
  • were conducting similar tests at Nevada's testing sites.

The Ross Atom nuclear weapons complex is the main component of

Russia's nuclear industry

  • maintaining not only the efficiency of pre-constructed and upgraded cargo
  • but also ensuring that cargo with new qualitative characteristics
  • is placed in combat functions.

Putin announces suspension of Russia's participation in START

During an address to the Federal Assembly on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the suspension of Russia's participation in the START treaty.

Putin said during his speech:

  • Today, I feel obligated to declare that Russia will cease

  • its adherence to the Convention on Strategic Offensive Weapons.

  • I repeat, not withdrawal from the Treaty.


Specifically suspend its participation.

But before returning to the debate and research on START

we must understand, what do those countries like France and Britain want and how will we take into account their strategic arsenals, namely the joint strike capability of the North Atlantic Alliance?! "

He added:

"Russia suspends its participation in START Treaty...

The United States, through NATO

is alerting and alerting Moscow about the New START Treaty.

Washington demands all points, while Washington plans to act at will ".

President Putin added:

At the beginning of February, NATO demanded a return to START

including an opportunity to supervise Russia's nuclear deterrence forces. It is the particular theatre of absurdity, "adding:" Our request in the corresponding supervision was not answered, or ignored. "

They assert that there is no relationship between the issues of

strategic offensive weapons

the conflict in Ukraine and other hostilities against our country

but at the same time

no one hides that they want to defeat Russia's strategy. The hypocrisy here is at its highest. or irony. They want to defeat us strategically and access our nuclear facilities ".