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Why Ron DeSantis is a strong Trump ally and a potential GOP contender


Why Ron DeSantis :

is a strong Trump ally and a potential GOP contender

As speculation mounts about the 2024 presidential race

one name that continues to emerge in conservative circles is Ron DeSantis. 

he 43-year-old Florida governor has gained national attention and praised his policies on COVID-19

immigration :

education and other issues in line with the Republican rule.

However :

  • what makes DeSantis more prominent is
  • his strong ties to the late President Donald Trump
  • whom he strongly supported and defended.

In many ways :

  • DeSantis designed his political personality similar to Trump
  • whom he admires and largely emulates. Both men share a fighting style
  • a populist message and a willingness to challenge the media

Democrats and the establishment. DeSantis also echoed Trump's positions on issues such as border security, trade and China, while promoting his own agenda on issues such as voting integrity, big tech control and state sovereignty. Trump, in turn, praised DeSantis as a "great governor" and a "future Republican star", and hinted that he might endorse him if he decided not to nominate himself.

The Trump-DeSantis alliance has been tested

and strengthened by several events in recent months.

One of the most prominent pandemics was the COVID-19 pandemic

which hit Florida hard and early

but also prompted DeSantis to take a more pragmatic approach than many of his peers. While Trump was criticized for his handling of the pandemic, especially in the early stages, he praised DeSantis for his actions and results.

DeSantis :

  • for his part, defended Trump's decisions on vaccines
  • treatments and lockdowns, and rejected calls
  • for a statewide mask mandate or other restrictions.

Another event that showed Trump-DeSantis' connection

was the 2020 election :

which Trump lost to Joe Biden

but he objected and challenged in several states. DeSantis was among the few governors to support Trump's claims of voter fraud and irregularities, who took steps to investigate and reform the electoral process in his term.

He also signed a controversial bill restricting mail-in voting boxes and ballot drop-offs, which critics argue could deprive minority and low-income voters. Trump praised DeSantis for his "courageous" and "national" stance, and supported his re-election in 2022.

The third factor that could boost DeSantis' prospects as a potential Republican Party candidate in 2024 is his record of achievements as governor. Since taking office in 2019, he has enacted a series of policies that have been praised by conservatives and business leaders

while stirring controversy between Democrats and progressives.

He lowered taxes :

  • lowered regulations and strengthened funding for law enforcement
  • and veterans. It had also signed bills prohibiting sanctuary cities
  • protecting freedom of expression on university campuses
  • and allowing citizens to sue major technology companies for censorship.

While some of these proceedings were challenged in court, DeSantis was not deterred and promised to continue fighting for his vision for Florida and America.

Should DeSantis decide to seek the presidency in 2024

 he will face several rivals within the Republican Party

including Trump himself, who has hinted at a possible return.

However :

  • his sincere follow-up among Trump supporters
  • his track record as governor
  • and his ability to formulate a clear

and coherent conservative message can give him an advantage over his rivals.

He will also have to deal with some potential pitfalls

such as his handling of the pandemic in Florida, his controversial positions on immigration and voting, and his perceived lack of charisma and charm compared to Trump.However, these obstacles are insurmountable, and DeSantis has shown that he can

In his forthcoming memoir :

Florida's Republican Governor Ron Diantis praises former President Donald Trump in 2024. The Courage to Be Free: Florida's Plan to Revive America will be released this week.

Some commentators in Washington saw Donald Trump's candidacy as a hostile takeover of the Republican Party,  Ron writes. But this analysis puts it back completely.

Since Ronald Reagan returned to California on January 20, 1989

the Republican Party has longed for someone who rejects the old Guard's style of doing business and can talk about their concerns and aspirations.

Trump supported the policies that appealed to al-Qaida in a way that GOP leaders in the D.C. swamp were unable or unwilling to do.