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Trump accuses DeSantis of pedophile he allegedly drank with high school girls as a teacher

Trump accuses DeSantis of having sex with children

and sharing photos of

him allegedly drinking with high school girls as a teacher.

On Tuesday

former President Donald Trump released a photo of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, allegedly sharing a drink with minors as a high school teacher.

This is not Ron, is it? He'll never do anything like that! Trump wrote sarcastically on his social media app Truth Social.

In the photo, 23-year-old DeSantis

  • surrounded by three unknown women's ages and dotted faces.
  • Although DeSantis is not seen drinking, one of
  • the women in the photos holds a dark-colored glass bottle.

However :

the caption includes a vomiting emoji and states

Here Ron Desantemonius prepares high school children with alcohol as a teacher.

Dong Chan Lee, who is referred to as "Old Conservatives" and a Trump supporter on Truth Social, was the author of the original letter that Trump re-shared.

Hill Reporter is a Democratic super PAC

blogger where the photo debuted.

The photo was taken after DeSantis' 2001-2002 school year as a teacher at the prestigious Darlington School before enrolling at Harvard Law School, according to a November article in The New York Times.

DeSantis taught history and government during baseball and football training at Darlington Boarding School in Rome, Georgia.

According to The New York Times

  • which cited unknown sources
  • many students recalled that DeSantis
  • was attending parties with seniors.

Although they said that after graduation

the Taliban recalled attending DeSantis two parties where alcohol was served.

The report stated that although they were now questioned, they claimed that they were not disturbed by it at the time.

His first job was outside Yale, he was nice. We didn't really give it much thought, according to a former pupil.

Trump called DeSantis "DeSanctimonious"

before the governor's race and claimed he believed it was "unfaithful" for the governor to leave open the possibility of running for president, considering that Trump's support for the governor in 2018 helped him secure the Republican nomination.

DeSantis was charged with "grooming"

in an attempt to expose his hypocrisy after his employees claimed that

  • individuals who disagree with the divisive Sex Education Act
  • were no less like me involved in the practice.
  • Pedophiles who try to earn the trust of their minor victims
  • are often referred to as "nanny" in this context.

Trump was accused of sexual misconduct by at least 26 different women, despite not drinking alcohol. He refuted every charge.

Trump made headlines by naming his rivals

with derogatory names during the 2016 presidential election.

He is now vying for the Republican nomination in 2024. Although no one else has officially entered the race yet, DeSantis has consistently trailed Trump in the polls.

In a poll published on Monday

the PAC and the PAC super arm of conservative think tank Club for Growth predicted that DeSantis might do better. It found that in a fake 2024 contest against Trump, the governor would prevail by nine points.

But it's unclear why Trump chose to attack DeSantis on Tuesday afternoon, and his campaign did not immediately respond when Insider asked about it.

On social media, Trump often posts his uncontrolled ideas

drawing attention and detracting from other news. Trump said he planned to provide a live comment on Truth Social during President Joe Biden's State of the Union address Tuesday night.

DeSantis praised conservative lawyers such as Dominion

Voting Machines in the defamation case against Trump ally Mike Lindell during an event on defamation laws earlier in the day. On Twitter, he attacked the CEO of MyPillow DeSantis, but Trump himself made no comment about the discussion.

Instead :

  • Trump reposted the governor's image
  • and attacked him on different fronts.
  • They also posted a screenshot of a Tampa Bay Times

article in which DeSantis expressed satisfaction with

the detention of violent Trump protesters during the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

As a state representative in 2018

he also criticized DeSantis for opposing a plan to fund his border wall with a majority of House members. The law faced resistance from governors for containing amnesty provisions.