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Biden on Chinese spy blimp: Not a major breach

Biden on Chinese spy blimp: Not a major breach

US President Joe Biden downplayed the Chinese spy balloon that flew over the US mainland last week before being dropped off the coast of South Carolina, saying it was 

not a major breach.

The 80-year-old President said during an interview with Telemundo that the amount of intelligence collected by foreign States was "enormous", indicating that the spy balloon incident was normal.

Biden argued that it's not a major breach

the total amount of intelligence that each country is conducting around

the world is enormous."

When asked if he regretted waiting

so long before the balloon was dropped, he replied, No.

He explained that he wanted to drop the balloon

as soon as possible.

But the intelligence community and the Department of Defense are concerned about the damage that could be done even in a big state like Montana


This thing was a giant. What happened if he fell and hit a school in a rural area? So, I told them to bring him down when the right opportunity arose. They made a wise decision ".

Biden stressed that it is a complete violation of international law.

It's our airspace. Once it appears in our space, we can do what we want. 

I'm not ready to do that yet, Biden said. As to the fact that 37% of Democrats consider that he should not run again, he considered that this is not true. 

The polls indicate this.

Washington accuses Chinese military of

being behind extensive aerial espionage program

The US administration accused the Chinese military of being "probably" behind a bold aerial espionage program targeting more than 40 countries on five continents.

President Joe Biden's administration presented

a statement about the program, which took place through high-altitude surveillance balloons similar to the rise of that blimp dropped by the United States over the Atlantic coast last weekend.

The statement by a senior U.S.

State Department official provided the most detail yet to

connect the balloon to China's "People's Liberation Army"

penetrated U.S. airspace

with the administration confirming that China had developed a massive spyware capable of gathering sensitive intelligence.

The U.S.

statement is in an effort to rebut China's continued denial of

the use of an espionage balloon, including Beijing's announcement on Thursday that U.S. accusations about the blimp amounted to an "information war" against China.