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Elon Musk reveals expectations about humans' arrival in Mars


Elon Musk reveals expectations about humans' arrival in Mars

The American billionaire and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has revealed his opinion on humans' access to Mars in the coming years.

On the subject, the billionaire wrote in a tweet: "I must admit that I am optimistic... I believe that mankind's landing on Mars will be possible over the next five years, which is very likely in 10 years. "

The American company SpaceX

founded by Musk

  • is working on the Starship missile test project
  • which was first announced during 
  • the Adelaide Space Conference in Australia in 2017.

According to AOC's projections

this type of rocket is supposed to be used in the future for long-range space flights such as those to Mars, and is also planned for cargo transport to the Moon.

SpaceX had previously conducted several flight tests on Starship rocket models, and the only time the test passed without the missile model crashing was in May 2021.

Daily Mail:

Gates describes Musk's ambition to travel to Mars as a "waste of money"

Microsoft founder Bill Gates criticized Elon Musk's ambition to travel to Mars

citing it as a waste of money, and suggested that Tesla's president invest billions in buying measles vaccines and saving lives.

Gates said in an interview with the Daily Mail that while Musk had a positive impact on the world through Tesla, he did not see his billionaire colleague as a true philanthropist like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos himself.

Gates replied, in particular

  • to a journalist's question about whether a trip to
  • Mars was a profitable investment
  • In my view, no.. Actually, going to Mars is too expensive.
  • You can buy measles vaccines and save lives, every life saved costs $1,000. 

Adding that, space travel is an unprofitable way to save lives

he said: "That's kind of a reason not to go to Mars.

The founder of Microsoft has long advocated for investing in vaccines and has repeatedly said that pandemics and deadly diseases pose a serious threat to humanity's future.

In the view of billionaire Elon Musk

it is important for the future of civilization that people live "interplanetary", and founded SpaceX in 2002, to build spacecraft and manned missions to Mars.

However, Gates praised Musk's intelligence and ambition, noting that, one day, Musk could enter the League of Charitable Giants, but his time might not yet come.