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The Pentagon does not rule out UFOs that were dropped over America coming from extraterrestrials


The Pentagon does not rule out that the UFOs

shot down over America are coming from outside the Earth.

A senior US military official did not rule out the possibility that the recently shot down UFOs over his country and Canada were of extraterritorial origin, stating that US intelligence must deal with the issue.

Asked whether the Pentagon had abandoned

  • the assumption that those unidentified objects were linked to
  • extraterrestrial life, the commander of the US Northern Command
  • and North American Space Air Defense Command (NORAD)

General Glen DeVan Herk, said during a press conference Sunday

at the Pentagon: I leave it to the intelligence community and the counterintelligence community. I do not rule anything out .

Van Hirk warned journalists against relying on objects to any given State as officials awaited debris and further assessment and analysis.

He said there was reason to use the word

  • "objects" to describe the phenomenon
  • explaining that those objects differed from
  • China's balloon descended off South Carolina's coast.
  • This, in Van Herk's opinion, "was obviously a balloon."

He continued: "These are bodies.

I'm not able to determine how it stays in the air. There may be a gas balloon inside the structure, or there may be some kind of payment system. But they are clearly capable of staying high in the air. "

Those objects were similar in size and speed of movement.

Melissa Dalton, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs, confirmed that all of these objects were different from the Chinese blimp that was dropped on 4 February, noting that in that case the U.S. military "knew exactly what it was dealing with."

Earlier Sunday

the U.S. Defense announced the shooting down of an air target over a lake near Canada's border that posed a threat to civil aviation and carried potential intelligence risks.

This is the fourth such operation in a week

after the United States and Canada shot down a total of three high-altitude aircraft objects in February, including one that was shot down Saturday over the Canadian Yukon territory.

I support hitting America on the Chinese spy counter.

In recent years, the issue of foreign interference in States' internal affairs has become increasingly prominent, especially with China's rise as a global superpower.

One aspect of this intervention is

the presence of Chinese spies operating within the borders of other countries.

While espionage is not new and has been practised by almost every country throughout history, the scale and scope of Chinese espionage efforts are unprecedented.

The Chinese government has been accused of

  • using its extensive network of spies to gather information on
  • foreign governments, companies and individuals, as well as to
  • steal intellectual property and promote its own interests.

This conduct is unacceptable and constitutes a threat to other countries' sovereignty.


the United States took action against these Chinese spies

by striking the counterintelligence network that operated within

its borders. 

his step is a bold and necessary step towards protecting

the nation from foreign interference and ensuring the security of its citizens.

One of the reasons why this action is important is that it

sends a clear message to the Chinese government that the United States will not tolerate its espionage efforts. By hitting the spy meter, the United States is proving ready to take strong measures to protect its national interests and protect its security.

In addition

this procedure serves as a deterrent to

  • States and other organizations that may consider similar activities.
  • It shows that the United States is vigilant in its efforts to
  • prevent foreign interference and will take action when necessary.

Finally, this action serves as a reminder that

the United States is a global leader and will not be intimidated by foreign adversaries. It illustrates the strength of the United States and its commitment to protecting its citizens and interests.

In conclusion

  • I support the recent action of the United States against
  • the Chinese espionage meter. This step is necessary to

and to make sure its residents are safe.

By taking strong action against espionage, the United States sends a clear message to the Chinese government and the world that it will not tolerate such behaviour.