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Biden's son threatened to help him by withholding her salary if she didn't contact him for sex


The Daily Mail": Biden's son threatened to

help him by :

withholding her salary if she didn't contact him for sex

The Daily Mail published a number of new scandals about US President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, including intimate correspondence with his 29-year-old assistant.

According to the newspaper, Biden Jr. threatened a young, cash-strapped employee to withhold her salaries if she did not video him for sex.

The president's son exchanged alarming text conversations.

52, and his young assistant, then 29, and the woman, who chose

"Daily Mail" to remain anonymous

worked as an assistant at Hunter Owasco's law firm in 2018-2019, the fourth employee with whom Hunter Biden had a sexual relationship.

According to the newspaper

  • documents on his laptop show revealed that
  • Hunter placed his mistress and his brother Halle Biden's widow on
  • her sister was on the payroll of his business.

Liz Sekondi

He also had a relationship with her.

The basketball coach of Hunter Biden's daughter was also hired.

  • former Sterbetz dancer Lunden Roberts
  • her letters following her disclosure that she was carrying his kid
  • eventually driving her to file a child support lawsuit against him.

The emails of his assistant, 33, leaked on

Hunter's laptop in June 2018

when he moved her from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., where Hunter filmed her having sex with him around that time and saved photos on his laptop.

The model and fitness instructor were also

assigned important management tasks at his company such as receiving Burisma Council documents for Hunter's signature.

In January 2019

the aid sent an email to Hunter's secretary asking her why she had not received her December salary of $837.06 and why her company's health insurance was not effective.

Two months later Hunter sent her $500

  • through Apple Pay and complained that
  • he "didn't really have money" because of
  • alimony expenses and other girl insurance

and continued :

You're as beautiful to me from inside as you are from outside.

I regret how badly I treated you, and I miss you so much.

In 2019, he invited her to New Hampshire but told him:

This month, I hardly have enough money to cover my rent, let alone buy an airline ticket.

Days later :

  • he texted her saying he was going to pay her
  • but she had to talk to him on video, and he sent her the message
  • When can you talk to me via video? If that happens
  • we must talk about nothing but sex, be naked
  • and do what we reasonably ask of each other .

It is clear from the messages that Hunter sent a total of

$2,750 :

  • to help him via Apple Pay, and in one of the messages
  • He urged her to get her phone ready so he could monitor it.
  • her in the shower. The texts also show that
  • Hunter made sexual comments to his employee.

Confidential reports obtained by

the right-wing non-profit transparency organization Marco Polo show that

wire payments from Hunter

or his company to this woman from June 12 to October 2 of

2018 totalled $44,500.

This is in addition to

other remittances received by women under the title "new employment", "golf member" and "payments" ranging from $ 8 to $10,000.

The report also referred to

other amounts reached by recipients related to the adult entertainment industry or those included in previous search and rescue files relating to human trafficking.