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The revelation of Trump Tower as a "fraud"


The revelation of Trump Tower as a "fraud"

In a recent Forbes article, Leticia James' lawsuit against former President Donald Trump allegedly revealed that Trump Tower in New York City was "something of a fraud."

Forbes correspondent Dan Alexander highlighted the key importance Trump Tower plays in James' claims that Trump manipulated his property prices for tax purposes.

Alexander did some of his own research on

Recently, some intriguing objects were discovered in Trump Tower.

Property documents demonstrate the real estate tycoon's deception.

the building's financial performance since it originally opened in 1983,he wrote. Tax and lending documents indicate that Trump lied about the office and retail space at the property's base.

However :

Forbes, dating back to 2015 :

has released more evidence that Trump was "closely involved in deception efforts about the value of the Trump Tower business space."

At the heart of the problem is Trump's assessment of Trump Tower in 2015

which Alexander claims was based on a combination of lying about square shots of the building and lying about the proportion of those inflated square feet that can be used for offices and retail.

According to Alexander

By around $400 million, Trump raised the worth of his property.

Also in Trump's news :

  • according to former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirchner
  • extensive posts posted by former US President Donald Trump to
  • his own social media platform Truth Social, which he personally founded
  • suggest he may well know "what's coming" with the Justice Department.

He refused to retract his clearly written YouTube title to attract attention

and spread his message widely :

  • and "Donald Trump's bewildered cries on his third day in office"
  • degree social media platform suggested
  • He knew what was coming was bound to get clicks just by its name.

There was also an extensive investigation into

  • his alleged involvement in an attempt to overturn the results of

  • He lost the 2020 presidential election.

  • his position as president of

the United States to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Moreover :

  • the question of how much responsibility
  • Trump bears when it comes to the infamous
  • January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol remains in question.

Even so, Trump has firmly maintained his innocence and asserted that he has done nothing wrong in the face of many allegations and deep dives into his various actions.

In his video, Kirchner expressed concerns about

the Justice Department's failure to hold Trump accountable

for his involvement on January 6 so far, noting that prolonging it had largely given the impression that his actions would never have adequate consequences.