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Zelenskiy: Ukraine's morale has recently trickled down as if people were on vacation



Ukraine's morale :

has recently trickled down as if people were on vacation

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky declared that the morale of the country had recently emerged, describing the situation in many cities as being "on vacation."

Zelensky said on Friday, during a press conference following the outcome of the EU-Ukraine summit: "Initially <... > morale was stronger. "

There was a belief among people currently in

some cities of Ukraine that "they are all on vacation .

He added:

"I think it's a weakness", without specifying which cities he was talking about.

The EU-Ukraine summit was held on Friday in Kiev.

In addition to Zelensky

European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen participated in the post-meeting press conference.

The war in eastern

Ukraine has been raging for more than eight years

  • and there is no end in sight. Despite the ongoing conflict
  • the Ukrainian people found ways to coexist under the war.
  • The country is home to a variety of ethnic groups

including Ukrainian

Russian, Belarusian, Crimean Tatar and many others

who have lived together for centuries.

While the war created division and hostility among some groups, it also brought the Ukrainian people together in new and unexpected ways.

One way that Ukrainians have come together is through volunteer efforts.

Many people have stepped up to help those affected by the war

regardless of their ethnic background.

  • Humanitarian organizations were established to provide food
  • medical care and other necessities to
  • those living in conflict-affected areas

while others raised funds to support the families of soldiers killed

or injured in the fighting.

The spirit of volunteerism in Ukraine is truly inspiring, a testament to the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

There's another way the Ukrainians met through the arts.

Musicians :

writers and other artists used their talents to express their love

for their country and their commitment to peace.

They also used their platform to raise awareness of the human cost of war and to help heal the emotional wounds of those who suffered as a result of conflict.

Despite the ongoing war

life continues in Ukraine. People go to work

  • go to school and raise their families.
  • They also participate in cultural events
  • such as music festivals and theatrical performances

and enjoy their hobbies, such as sport and horticulture.

While the conflict has made life more difficult in many ways, it has not diminished the spirit of the Ukrainian people or their love for their country.

In conclusion :

the war in Ukraine created many challenges for

the country's people

but also brought them together in new and unexpected ways.

Through volunteering and arts efforts and simply going about their daily lives, the Ukrainian people coexist under war, showing the world that they will not be defeated.