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Highlights of the American March MQ-9 Reaper that fell into the Black Sea


Highlights of :

the American March MQ-9 Reaper that fell into the Black Sea

The Russian Arms newspaper revealed the most prominent features of the American March MQ-9 Reaper that fell into the Black Sea today, and the Pentagon claimed that "a Russian fighter shocked her and led to her crash."

The name of the aircraft means harvest" Arabic

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems produces and.

The MQ-9 Reaper system consists of

several drones, a ground control station and communications equipment.

The aircraft carried out its first flight on 2 February 2001

and was used extensively in Afghanistan.

The MQ-9 Reaper is one of the best multipurpose drones in the world according to its capabilities announcements.

It can fly more than 27 continuous hours, with a speed of about 400 km/h and can carry 1,740 kg of ammunition.

It has a flight range of 6 thousand kilometres and is capable of carrying a variety of reconnaissance equipment, missiles and bombs.

It has 6 suspension points

two of which are inside the fuselage.

They can carry bombs or rockets weighing 680 kg
and on the lower columns, two of which are under each wing

eight small-calibre missiles
or two heavy air bombs and four missiles can be suspended.

Training on the operation of the MQ-9 in

  • the United States military takes a full year.
  • Media reports that since 2011 alone,
  • the Pentagon has lost 12 of these aircraft
  • with only 4 downed, and 8 lost due to human errors.

Soleimani was assassinated

and led in Al-Qaida. Highlights of US MQ-9 Reaper March

The well-known US MQ-9 first flew in 2001, but captured media attention in today's Black Sea plunge, "after a Russian fighter hit it", the Pentagon claims.

The MQ-9 Reaper was

  • successfully used by Americans to perform precise strikes.
  • In 2010, in Afghanistan, Mustafa Abu Alizeid
  • the Egyptian leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaida
  • was killed by a strike from such a plane.

The highest success of its combat use was the assassination of the commander of the Revolutionary Guard's "Jerusalem" Corps, Qassem Soleimani, by a high-precision missile in early 2020 in Iraq

Earlier in the day

the United States Forces Europe Command stated that

a Russian fighter had "hit Sue-27" a United States MQ-9 drone during its interception over the Black Sea, leading to the crash of the United States march.

The Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that

a United States MQ-9 Reaper march heading for Crimea in the Black Sea had fallen after losing altitude and that two Russian fighters had taken off for interception and had not dropped it.

Fatal weakness of :

the American MQ-9 march that fell into the Black Sea

Washington intends to provide Kiev with expensive MQ-9 Reaper drones, while experts assert that it will become a "bulk summit" of Russian air defenses and fighters.

The Ukrainian Forces Command had high hopes of acquiring

the Turkish drone "Birkadar"

and as the course of hostilities showed, those hopes were clearly unjustified. They now believe that the US MQ-9 Reaper drone will be better and will bring them some combat success, but that is never forthcoming.

  • Air defence experts confirmed that if
  • the American march appeared in Ukraine's skies
  • it would become an excellent air target.

The US newspaper from Defense News October 2021 noted that it is "too slow and will not be able to work in the face with a well-equipped opponent."

Retired U.S. Marine General Kenneth McKenzie in December 2021 described the plane on Fox News as "unable to withstand high-profile opponents."

There was information that :

  • the Pentagon had begun to look hard for a replacement.
  • Washington literally imposed its aircraft on Kiev.
  • They not only want to get rid of them, but also earn very large amounts for it.

Air defence experts told the Russian newspaper Russian Arms that

the drone in Ukraine would become an excellent air target.

  • They will be detected and destroyed by any Russian fighter.
  • It will not become a problem for military air defence systems such as Tor or Bok
  • especially for S-300, and Reaper is vulnerable to electronic warfare systems.

Training on the operation of the MQ-9 in the U.S.

military takes a full year, but even this period does not guarantee success

as information has been circulating in the media that since 2011 alone, the Pentagon has lost 12 of these aircraft. Only 4 were dropped, and 8 were lost due to the errors of those who controlled them.

Reaper will therefore become an expensive

and almost useless game in the hands of Ukraine's untrained military.

White House:

US aircraft will continue to :

fly over the Black Sea's international waters

White House strategic communications coordinator John Kirby says U.S. aviation will continue to fly over the Black Sea despite the fall of a U.S. drone hit by a Russian fighter.

Kirby added to reporters: "We have been flying in this region for about a year and we will continue to do so and we do not need Russia's permission to fly over international waters.

Asked if Russia wanted to send a message to the United States

through this incident, one journalist said: "If they wanted to send a message about their desire to prevent us from flying over the Black Sea, it would not happen."

In order to protect US national security, Kirby reiterated that "American aircraft are operating over the international waters of the Black Sea and will continue to do so."

The European Command of the United States

Armed Forces earlier issued a statement alleging that

"a Russian Su-27 aircraft collided over the Black Sea with a United States MQ-9 drone, the march landed in international waters, and that President Joe Baden was briefed on the incident".

Russian defense confirmed that an American march heading for Crimea in the Black Sea had fallen and crashed, and that two Russian fighters took off for interception and did not drop it.

The march had not been operated in violation of

the Russian Ministry of Defence's no-fly zone over the Black Sea, and all users of international airspace had been informed in accordance with international standards.

The Ministry continued that as a result of

a sharp manoeuvre at about 9.30 Moscow time

the MQ-9 lost its height and hit the surface of the water.