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Mary says her uncle enjoyed watching the J6 troublemakers

Mary says her uncle enjoyed watching the J6 troublemakers

According to Donald Trump's estranged niece, the one-term president ignored requests to end the bloodshed on January 6 because he was enjoying "killer" rioters.

When his followers attacked the U.S.

Capitol :

Mary Trump said her uncle refused to intervene because

he was "walking away" from the violence.

Ivanka Trump twice entered the dining room next to the Oval Office to encourage her father to take action, according to Rep. Liz Cheney.

Ms. Trump told SiriusXM host Dean Obeidullah: "He was going from it, and there was no way to stop anything because he enjoyed it so much."

As you know :

the only reason people like Ivanka and others have asked him to stop it

From their point of view, it's out of control

Like they really thought they could control this monster they made. And maybe they hope for a bloodless coup if they can convince Pence to do the right thing, In their eyes, or enough delay or send it to the Supreme Court or what you have.

It was only when the crowd turned violent and it became very scary and it probably

it should have meant the death of the Republican Party - that they realized they needed Donald to ask them to step down.

She added that Trump had no interest in doing so

because I probably initially found it entertaining to watch all of these people commit murder on his behalf. But secondly, that would be the best way to stay in power. 

A year ago :

a mob rushed to the Capitol

breaking police barricades in an effort to stop 

ongress from certifying Joe Biden's electoral victory against Donald Trump.

On 6 January :

four people died at the event

in addition to three other people passing away simultaneously from "medical crises".

Four other police officers on duty that day committed suicide after the attack.

The prosecution charged nearly 700 people with various crimes, including at least 225 persons with assaulting or resisting police officers.

During the riots :

nearly 140 law enforcement personnel were assaulted, according to officials.

Mary Trump recently made headlines when she reported that discrimination against her family made her hide her sexuality.

In her 2020 book

Mary Trump did not back down from condemning the entire Trump family

  • tracking the history of abuses belonging to patriarch Fred Trump
  • or Donald Trump's father. Thank her PhD. In clinical psychology
  • Mary Fred is defined as a "high-performance sociopath

for whom love means nothing," according to

USA Today.

Trump's interactions were full of emotional abuse as a result of unique brutality.

According to an interview by The Washington Post in 2020

Mary says the family was also willing to use discriminatory slurs.

Growing up :

it was normal to hear them use the n-word or use anti-Semitic expressions

she claimed :

adding that she believed her uncle, Donald Trump, was a racist. It's about him easily, and he thinks she'll make points for him with the only people who continue to support him.

Mary disagreed with her family's habits of disparaging others, and insults did not personally affect her until they did.

Homophobia wasn't a problem at all because nobody talked about gay people

well :

until I called my grandma Elton John the f-word

she explained. As a gay woman

Mary was afraid of her grandmother's words and chose to hide her real sexuality from her family. "I thought it was preferable not to know that I lived with... lady," Mary writes in her autobiography.


on the other hand

knew instinctively not to tell her family when she realized she was gay.

Donald Trump's niece explained:

Although homophobia was not really clear in my family

no one spoke of homosexuality in one way

or another :

My family was hostile to everything, anything different from them.

So :

I assumed they were Antijay, and that's something they won't tolerate

Mary once said that hiding her sexual orientation didn't have a negative impact because I didn't already have a close relationship with my family, "Mary said, adding that" my friends have been my family my whole life. "