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Biden's wife called the presidential candidate's call for 75-year-old aptitude tests ridiculous


Biden's wife calls presidential candidate's call

for competency tests for politicians over 75 ridiculous

First Lady of America Jill Biden, a former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, refused to conduct competency tests for older politicians, calling the idea "ridiculous."

During the announcement of her presidential campaign, Haley promoted the idea that politicians over the age of 75 must undergo compulsory mental competence tests.

According to Axios, much has been said about

  • America's elderly political class, with both Democrats
  • and Republicans raising their voices on ageing as a reason to
  • avoid confrontation between President Biden (80) and former President Trump (76).

While his re-election has not been announced, Biden has made clear that he intends to run. If re-elected as President, he will turn 86 at the end of his second term.

"We will never discuss anything like this," President Joe Biden's wife said in an interview with CNN, referring to Biden's recent trip to Ukraine as a sign that his age is not a problem.

She said:

How many 30-year-old people can travel to Poland

take the train? He goes another nine hours, goes to Ukraine

meets with President Vladimir Zelensky? 

 Adding, "Look at the guy. Look what he's doing. See what he accomplishes each day.

When asked about Joe's run for a second presidential term

the First Lady said that she supported everything .

In the same vein

many other politicians opposed Haley's proposal.

Senator Bernie Sanders said, calling the idea "absurd" and a sign of "ageism."

While Trump responded to Haley's call to move further

writing in a post on his social platform Truth Social

Days following Haley's declaration, Trump suggested that all presidential candidates had to be subjected to medical and mental health examinations.

In a press interview last year

Biden said voters should focus on their "energy level" rather than their age.

Biden tries to

show his skills on

the flight ladder but the result is disappointing (Video)

US President Joe Biden's stumbling block continues on the stairs as he boards planes, this time a stumbling block as he prepares to visit Alabama.

Cameras of photographers spotted the moment Biden found

the plane's ladder on Sunday if, in a moment, he tried to climb up the ladder without the use of handrails, but he stumbled and almost blew a face, reversing his resolve.

The US President visited Alabama to commemorate the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, where State soldiers beat peaceful demonstrators marching against discrimination.

Biden's trip is his latest visit, aiming to

reaffirm his commitment to black voters, who helped propel him to the White House and remain in a key constituency on his way to re-election in 2024.