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"Trump's insolence is not Biden's senility." Widespread controversy after Biden's "terrifying" statements


"Trump's shamelessness is not Biden's dementia."

Widespread controversy after Biden's "terrifying"

remarks about Finland after joining NATO

The Daily Mail criticized US President Joe Biden following his controversial remarks about Finland's future after becoming the 31st member of NATO.

"Let me be clear, I didn't say we can't guarantee the future"

Biden said during his visit to Helsinki after the NATO summit

responding to a journalist's question:

"You can't assure me whether you're going home tonight

or not, nor can you guarantee what the Alliance will do in the future."

This came in response to :

  • the journalist's question about Finland's future
  • after becoming the 31 member of NATO
  •  and whether political differences in

the US leadership could affect the White House's commitments to it.

This has been sharply criticized

by the newspaper's readers towards Biden, some of whom.

One reader wrote:

"Open your eyes well, pay attention to those who vote."

Another added:

"Biden's remarks seemed so crazy."

Another commented:

"I wish Mr. Biden remained silent and did not speak."

Another said :

"Biden has two waves, either he's talking about bullshit and bullshit

or he's turning into a second wave and getting rude."

Another concluded:

  • When I look at Biden I am terrified
  • his body language and constant downfall is really scary
  • personally I am honestly better at the audacity of Donald Trump.

It should be noted that

this was not the only incident for Biden during his European tour.

During his speech at the NATO summit in Vilnius, he confused Russia with Ukraine. Upon leaving Helsinki, journalists observed that the ladder he used to board the plane was shorter than usual

yet he stumbled and fell.

Finland became the 31st member of NATO last April, while Sweden's application for membership of the Alliance still needs to be ratified

by Parliament in both Turkey and Hungary.

NATO Secretary

General Jens Stoltenberg announced that

  • Turkey had approved Sweden's membership of NATO
  •  and the documents would be forwarded to
  • Sweden's accession protocol to the Alliance shortly

but no date had been set for doing so.