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Biden raises controversy with statement about Saudi Arabia and Israel


Biden raises controversy with statement

about Saudi Arabia and Israel

President Joe Biden's statement that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a long way to go until the normalization agreement concludes a broad social media interaction.

Commenting on the United States :

  • mediation path between Saudi Arabia and Israel
  • Biden said in an interview with CNN
  • We're still far from it. 

  • We have a lot to discuss.


He added :

Quite frankly, I don't think they (the Saudis)

have a big problem with Israel. And whether we're going to provide a way for them to get civilian nuclear power or be guarantors of their security. I think that's a little too far. "

Biden's remarks about his assessment of :

  • the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia
  • and Israel prompted a state of interaction on Twitter
  • where he was widely re-circulated by tweeters in Arabic and English.

Biden shocks Saudi Arabia :

by refusing to provide it with "nuclear"

and defends "success" of Israeli flight in Saudi Arabia

US President Joe Biden defended his recent visit to Saudi Arabia last year, based on several successes, such as the start of flying Israeli flights in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with CNN :

he asked whether the United States would sign a defense treaty with the Saudis and provide them with civilian nuclear capabilities

at the request of Riyadh, Biden said, "We are far from it."

Whether we're going to provide the means to have access to civilian nuclear energy or not, and/or be guarantors of their security, I think that's a little bit out of reach.

On June 22, Axios reported that 

any US :

Saudi deal to develop relations would have a major economic component.

The same site had previously stated that :

the Biden administration wished to resolve the normalization deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel within the next six months before the US President was busy campaigning.

On June 22 :

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen was cited in the Jerusalem Post.

  • as confirming his country's interest in advancing
  • the issue of signing a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia
  • declaring that the Saudis were "also interested in this matter."

Cohen told a press conference that he was "very optimistic" that Israel and Saudi Arabia would normalize their relations before March 2024.