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Before his presentation at his new club... A "special dream" comes true for Messi


Before his presentation at his new club...

A "special dream" comes true for Messi

The Argentine star, Lionel Messi, arrived in Miami on Tuesday in preparation for joining his new club Inter Miami and presenting it to the media and fans.

Before he could get around the city :

Missy immediately announced the launch of the 'Messie Chicken Sandwich'

the latest part of his partnership with Hard Rock

which he has represented as a brand ambassador since 2021.

Messi appeared during a promotional video on :

Instagram in the kitchens of the Hard Rock restaurant and commented

another dream come true!

I am pleased to introduce to

you the new Missy chicken sandwich I created with Hard Rock

which is inspired by my favorite food Don't miss the opportunity! .

Messi is due to be formally introduced as

a new Inter Miami player at a ceremony next Sunday.

Messi announced last month that :

he would join Inter Miami, co-owned by former English soccer star David Beckham, following the decision to leave Paris Saint-Germain after his contract expired two years after leaving Barcelona.

In his new team :

Messi will receive an annual salary of 50-60 million euros

and will also receive other returns from APPLE T

  1.  and sales of Inter Miami shirts
  2. as well as a stake in
  3. the club's ownership after his retirement.

The highlights of :

Lionel Messi's achievements

and tournaments with the round witch.. Info Graf

Paris Saint :

Germain's Lionel Messi and Argentina's captain

have achieved many achievements both domestically and internationally.

Lionel Messi represented Barcelona for :

20 years before moving to Paris Saint :

Germain in summer 2021 for two seasons, while he began his international career with Argentina on 17 August 2005 and is currently wearing the tango captaincy.

Lionel Messi is the world's most valuable player to win the Ballon d'Or awards, having been crowned 7 times, and has won the Golden Boot six times.

Here are the highlights of :

Lionel Messi's achievements with clubs and Argentina:

  • World Cup 2022
  • Copa America 2021
  • Champions League 4 times
  • Super European 3 times
  • Club World Cup 3 times
  • La Liga 10 times
  • French League Once
  • King's Cup of Spain 7 times
  • Super Spanish 7 times
  • Ballon d'Or 7 times
  • Golden Shoe 6 Times