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Hunter Biden acknowledges tax evasion in court


Hunter Biden :

acknowledges tax evasion in court

Hunter Biden :

the son of US President Joe Biden, appears in federal court in Delaware to seal a pact with the judiciary that would avoid him from prosecution, as he is set to plead guilty to tax evasion.

Hunter Biden's guilty plea to two counts of wilful failure to pay income taxes is part of a deal that allows him to avoid being convicted on a gun charge.

Prosecutors allege Biden did not pay taxes on more than $1.5 million in

income in 2017 and 2018 despite owing more than $100,000.

Hunter Biden, 53 :

admitted in June that while addicted to drugs

he had committed the crimes of tax evasion and possession of a firearm.

Under an agreement with federal prosecutors in Delaware :

Biden entered into a pretrial agreement for that charge

an alternative to a trial that allows defendants to avoid conviction or imprisonment.

The White House refuses to comment on charges of :

tax evasion against Hunter Biden

  1. White white spokeswoman Karen Jean
  2. Pierre declined to comment on
  3. the charges against Hunter Biden

the current US president's son, in connection with tax evasion.

Jean-Pierre told a press briefing on Wednesday that :

  • and also reiterated that Biden and the first lady support him in
  • his efforts to change his life, as his parents.

"This issue has been addressed independently and, as you all know, the investigation was conducted by a prosecutor appointed by former President Donald Trump."

  • If there were any additional questions
  • it would be more correct to ask
  • the Justice Department or Hunter Biden's representatives.

Earlier on Wednesday :

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to tax evasion

and illegal possession of weapons in a Delaware court.

According to media reports :

the Court first rejected the deal reached earlier between Biden's representatives and the Attorney General's Office and then became known that it would take place

  • but on updated terms
  • and there is still no precise understanding of
  • its terms and consequences for the accused.