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Kremlin to target Crimea Bridge for second time


The Kremlin accuses Kiev and the West of

targeting Crimea Bridge and speaks of

a "long-term" Russian response

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blamed Ukrainian authorities and their western allies for Monday's attack on Crimea Bridge and civilian casualties.

We know who's behind it

and we recognize the cunning of the Kiev regime

 Peskov said in press statements.

He added :

Today :

the Kiev regime killed a young family and the parents of a girl

  • while the girl herself was injured, on Crimea Bridge.
  • And we need to talk about it so everyone can hear.
  • This is all the work of the Kiev regime .

He stressed that :

the Russian authorities were doing their utmost to

prevent a terrorist operation in the country's territory

and said :

We will work and remain vigilant

and prepared to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies.

Commenting on the West's potential role in the attack

Peskov said :

  • We are well aware of the depth of coordination between
  • European capitals, as well as NATO.

We are well aware of the amount of information that comes from NATO

from Washington to Kyiv on a permanent basis, so we have no illusions about it. 

Peskov declined to answer a question about Russia's direct response to

the attack and said:

Not now, I can't say.

  • But if we address the issue from the perspective of its conclusion
  • the response will be to achieve all the objectives of
  • the special military operation that continues. 

Peskov stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin

  1. had received reports of the bridge incident
  2. and would hold a meeting around 19:00 p.m.
  3. for his research, during which Marat Hasanulin

Deputy Prime Minister dispatched to Crimea today

would report on the situation from the site.

Russian Counter-Terrorism Committee:

Crimea Bridge subjected to terrorist attack in two Ukrainian marches

Russia's Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) announced that what happened in Crimea at dawn on Monday was a terrorist attack carried out by two Ukrainian naval marches.

The Commission stated that

the attack took place at 3.05am and damaged the bridge's motorway.

For its part :

the Russian Commission of Inquiry filed a criminal case against

the backdrop of the bridge attack

stating in a statement that

"as a result of a terrorist act carried out by the competent Ukrainian authorities on the night of July 16-17, a section of the Crimea Bridge was damaged, two civilians, a man and a woman, were killed in a car passing through the bridge, and their minor daughter was injured."

The statement added that :

  • investigators were working to identify those involved in
  • the organization and implementation of this crime
  • by members of Ukraine's special services and armed formations.

Military expert on :

possible British impact in Crimea Bridge attack

Russian military expert Alexei Ljunkov did not rule out the involvement of British special services in the attack on Crimea Bridge at dawn on Monday.

Ljunkov added :

  • The amount of explosives that led to an explosion
  • with this force can be carried by a jet ski that
  • has been transformed into a suicide walk

and driven through the GPS system. We are known to have coincided with the incident. There was a United States reconnaissance drone flying over the Black Sea. "

According to Yonkov :

these watercycles are able to

travel long distances with almost no observation.

Earlier today :

Russia's National Counter-Terrorism Committee announced that

the Crimea Bridge had been subjected to a terrorist attack by two Ukrainian naval marches. The attack killed a couple and injured their minor daughter, and part of the bridge's car road was damaged.

Russian Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that

the decision to target the bridge by Ukrainian officials

and senior military personnel was "made with the direct participation of intelligence agencies and politicians in the United States and the United Kingdom."