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The American Ocean Company continues to sell tickets for the Titanic wreck despite the recent tragedy.


The American Ocean Gate continues to

sell tickets to the Titanic wreck despite the recent tragedy.

The American private company Ocean Gate continues to sell tickets

for its flights to the sinking site of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean

despite the tragic sinking of the Titan submarine that resulted in

the death of 5 people.

The company continues to publish its flight dates and sell tickets

for its 2024 tours through its official website, despite the latest incident

where two exploratory flights are available from 12 to 20 June

and 21 to 29 June 2024.

The cost of one ticket for the expedition is

$ 250 thousand (Pound 195 thousand) per person.

The crew of

the Titan cruise submarine disappeared on June 18 as it descended on

the shipwreck.


where the media reported the statement

by the submarine operator Ocean Gate in its statement that

it believed the passengers in it had died in the incident

  • She was carrying the head of the company organizing the trip
  • Stockton Rush, and the millionaire Shahzada Daoud s rights "
  • 48, of Pakistani origin and son Suleiman Dawood, 19
  • In addition, 58-year-old British billionaire Hamish Harding

resident of Dubai and French explorer, Paul Henri Nargolet, 77.

The U.S. Wednesday's announcement was made by the Coast Guard.

June 28

that possible bodies of the victims of the Titan submarine that sank in

the Atlantic Ocean were found during the tourist trip to the wreck of the Titanic.

Part of the second draw the end..

How well do you understand the "explosion" of

the Titan submarine? (Video)

The world was rocked by the Deep Atlantic Titan submarine "Banjar"

during a tourist trip to the wreckage of the Titanic

and everyone was busy following the details of the tragic incident in 

which 5 of the world's wealthy people were killed.

A term that may not be in circulation in our daily lives surfaced, which blew up a torrent of questions about this process.

It is known that the explosion occurs from the inside out

but the "bang" occurs from the outside to the inside, a process that causes

the body to collapse on itself as a result of pressure from the outside to the inside.

The "bang"

  • often involves a difference between internal
  • and external pressure, which is very strong
  • so that the body structure collapses inward on its own

and this is what happened to the submarine "Titan"

which was crashed as a result of the hydrostatic pressure of

the surrounding waters.

Given that "eruption" is occurring very quickly, perhaps within parts of

a thousand seconds, it is likely that the passengers of "Titan"

did not even have the opportunity to observe any imbalance.

The evidence suggests that the reasons that may have led to this 

catastrophic end of "Titan" are the strange composition of

the submarine structure.

Unlike usual :

  • the pressure body of "Titan" consists of titanium
  • and composite carbon fibres, two substances
  • with vastly different characteristics when it comes to deep diving.

Although the "Titan" submarine operated by Ocean Gate previously

made numerous trips to the site of the Titanic, some 4 thousand metres deep

warnings and fears of something bad have accompanied it since the unveiling.

But the confidence of those involved

  • especially Ocean Gate executive Richard Stockton Rush
  • who faced a catastrophic fate deep down
  • with the other four passengers, was overconfident in Titan.

The U.S.

Coast Guard had announced that the debris found in the ocean 500

 metres from the front of the Titanic was for the Titan submarine

and analysis of the debris showed

that the submarine suffered catastrophic damage

and all its passengers died.

There are 5 people aboard the submarine

who were disconnected about an hour and 45 minutes after last Sunday's dive.

The British billionaire Hamish Harding :

eteran French deep diver Paul Henri Nargioli

On board were Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son

as well as Stockton Rush, the founder of an American company that

 arranges excursions to the Titanic disaster.