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Sharon hits scorpions and snakes. Does hell continue on Earth?

Sharon :

hits scorpions and snakes.

Does hell continue on Earth?

Sharon is no longer transporting :

the dead across the River Stakes into the underworld as in Greek mythology, but firing balls from the Sahara desert into Europe, turning it into hell in the summer.

June effectively took hold as :

the hottest month in Europe's meteorological history :

and the current weather anomaly is caused by the counter

cyclone "Sharon," which consists over the Sahara desert of Africa

and creeps into Europe :

where heat is expected to set a record of over 50 degrees Celsius.

This year's summer broke and still set temperature records, while high and abnormal temperatures raided three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

Because of Typhoon Sharon :

which consists of over the Sahara desert :

Italy's National Meteorological Center warned that :

  • this week could become the hottest in the country's history
  •  while Italy's temperatures were generally
  • about 10 degrees Celsius higher than average!

Temperature records crashed on July 18 :

2023 in six regions of Europe simultaneously :

with Rome reaching 41.8 degrees

in the city of Licata on the southern coast of

Sicily 46.3 degrees :

and the "red" temperature risk was declared in 23 of Italy's 27 largest cities.

For anomalous temperatures in other regions of the world :

for example :

temperatures in the Chinese capital Beijing ranged from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, while in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico they rose to 30 degrees, threatening the region's ecosystem with complete destruction.

The Middle East region is also experiencing unusual temperatures, with the record breaking on July 17, and a new record of 66.7 degrees Celsius in southern Iran.

As a result :

  • local authorities have had to reduce a number of
  • their agricultural programmes, especially melon cultivation
  • for fear of not having enough water available for next year.

In North Africa :

there have been reports of complications from record-high temperatures in the form of an invasion of scorpions and snakes to the cities of the region's nations as they flee deserts in pursuit of water.

High temperatures also hit the United States :

with The New York Times :

reporting that a record 43 degrees Celsius remained in Arizona for 20 days, with the people of Phoenix, the state capital, even calling their area "hell on Earth."

Even those who get back to high temperatures :

have become with a sense of slowness. This is shown in a Mexican worker's statement at a gas station to

The New York Times:

"I felt as if I had been pelted with fireballs."

  1. A severe heatwave hit Europe last year
  2. and killed more than 60 thousand people
  3. mostly women and the elderly

while the consequences of

record temperatures this summer could be much worse.

Meteorologists explain this unusual phenomenon by

inter alia :

  • a "thermal explosion" over the desert and being
  • the countercyclist Sharon
  • which carries extremely hot air blocks from Africa to Europe.

The second important factor is a fluctuation in the temperature of the upper layer of Pacific waters, called "El Niño", which, according to experts, is caused by global warming.

It is disappointing that :

experts' estimates indicate that temperatures will not weaken in the near future, thereby increasing the difficulties of assessing the catastrophic consequences of this escalating anomaly.