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"The Washington Post": 170 words from Zelenskiy enraged the US delegation at the NATO summit


"The Washington Post":

170 words from Zelenskiy enraged

the US delegation at the NATO summit :

The Washington Post commented on Ukrainian :

  • President Vladimir Zelensky's criticism of NATO's
  • "reluctance" and weakness "to accept Ukraine's membership
  • calling him" sharp and angry. "

In a fiery tweet :

Zelenskiy frustrated Ukraine's sponsors inside :

the alliance who believed they had won a victory for Kiev

by prompting the United States, Germany and other countries reluctant to agree to Ukraine's invitation to join the alliance "when allies join together and terms of accession are available."

"Zelensky's sharp statement was his latest gamble, as he did not hesitate to criticize his supporters when he felt a moment of more support for Ukraine."

She noted that "Zelenskiy seemed particularly upset at the idea that the circumstances were not even favourable to Kiev's invitation to join, but not to full membership".

Zelenskiy's blunt 170-word :

message surprised policymakers at the top

with US President Joe Biden hoping to lead a show of unity against Russia

and highlight his ability to mobilize his global partners, a key element of his re-election plan.

While Zelensky did not mention Biden in the tweet

  • he described the Ukrainian President
  • the US President as the NATO decision maker.
  • An official revealed to the newspaper that

Zelensky's tweet angered members of the US delegation.

A senior NATO defense official :

who asked not to be identified, said Zelenskiy's tweet put "pressure on the alliance, helping to send a message to Zelenskiy's local audience, saying I'm fighting to the end."

In response to Zelensky's tweet :

a senior European Union official said that "Ukrainian officials were trying to provoke members of the Alliance", particularly on the specific conditions Ukraine needed to meet before joining.

"This is unprecedented and ridiculous."

Zelensky addresses NATO:

Ukraine deserves respect :

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky criticized

NATO's "hesitation" and "weakness" in accepting Ukraine's membership.

"NATO's hesitation towards Ukraine encourages Russian terrorism"

Zelensky said 

arguing that  the lack of a time frame for

Ukraine's membership in NATO is unprecedented and absurd.

We appreciate our allies and our common security

but Ukraine also deserves respect

he added :

ignoring the Atlantic's repeated allegiances and rejecting his country's admission to the Alliance in order to avoid direct confrontation with Russia.