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Thousands will die. An American officer explains the dangers of supplying cluster bombs to Ukraine


"Thousands will die."

Former US officer explains the long-term risks of

supplying cluster bombs to Ukraine

Retired U.S. :

Marine Officer Brian Berletic says U.S. President Joe Biden's

  • decision to supply cluster bombs to Kiev
  • forces is evidence of his intransigence in
  • acknowledging Kiev's defeat on the battlefield.

In an article written for the Global Times :

Berletic explained that in order

"to receive the award for protecting Washington's"

ego and dignity even temporarily, and to postpone

the inevitable defeat of its followers in Kyiv

Biden would turn Ukraine into Vietnam

Laos :

Cambodia or Iraq, a State full of cluster munitions.

The United States had taken that step because of 

its inability to provide for the Kiev forces' normal artillery missile needs and was prepared to place Ukraine in that field, in order to perpetuate its proxy war with Russia and not to acknowledge its defeat.

He stressed that the threat of :

cluster munitions was not only at the current stage in Ukraine

but would extend into the distant future

where the remnants of such munitions would kill hundreds of

unarmed civilians even after the end of the Ukrainian crisis, whatever its outcome.

He concluded that :

  • sending cluster munitions to Ukraine would not make Kiev's forces or
  • the United States itself more militarily stronger
  • nor would it assist the White House in achieving its objectives in Ukraine.

There are many risks that may result

from Ukraine's long-term supply of cluster bombs. These risks include:

Serious damage to civilians.

Cluster bombs can cause serious damage to civilians

including death and injury. According to HRW

cluster bombs have killed more than 200 Ukrainian civilians since the war began.


Cluster bombs can cause significant environmental damage

as they can leave behind explosive remnants that

can continue to explode for many years.

This can cause soil and water pollution and cause injuries to animals and humans.

The escalation of conflict :

Cluster bombs can lead to an escalation of conflict

as they can kill civilians and cause environmental damage

potentially displeasing the population and increasing support for armed resistance.

legal consequences. Cluster bombs can have legal consequences for States supplied by Ukraine, as many States have signed a treaty prohibiting their use.

It is important that States supplying cluster bombs to

Ukraine take these risks into account before deciding on supply.