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Trump pledges to continue presidential race even if convicted in court


Trump pledges to :

continue presidential race even if convicted in court

Former US President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday that he would not back down from running for the White House if convicted and sentenced in any of the criminal investigations against him.

Trump, 77 :

  1. was asked the frontrunner in
  2. the 2024 Republican primary
  3. about federal charges

and charges he faces a day after federal prosecutors added 3 :

criminal charges to his indictment related to the confidential documents case, where the former president said in a radio interview in response to a question that he would stop his campaign if sentenced

"No. there is nothing in the Constitution to say that this can be done ".

Even the crazy people on the far left say no at all and that won't stop me.

These people are sick. what they do is absolutely horrible .

Trump :

explained that former presidents :

including Barack Obama and George W. Bush, had "taken documents," noting that his predecessors had engaged in conduct similar to the crimes he was charged with.

Trump added :

"Nobody went through this... This is crazy ".

Trump was previously charged in early June under this file

but in a judicial document published Thursday

  • federal prosecutors accuse the former president of attempting to

  • erase CCTV footage from his Florida residence to
  • avoid falling into the hands of investigators.

Trump :

  • and two aides accuse them of asking an employee of
  • the residence to delete CCTV footage from the Mar-a-Lago
  • Club to avoid handing over these images to the judiciary.

Trump also :

faces dozens of criminal charges in a case related to paying money

to buy the silence of a former representative in New York as well as separate state

and federal investigations to try to overturn the 2020 election.

In a major development Thursday in the document investigation :

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith reported that Trump

who is set :

  • to be tried at the height of election campaigns in March and May
  • asked a worker at his Florida home to
  • destroy CCTV recordings to obstruct investigators.

He also accuses Trump of illegally keeping national defense information on the back of presenting a confidential document to reporters at his golf club in New Jersey.